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Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Thirty-Nine”

  “Chapter Thirty-Nine” is supposed to be a happy episode. All the promos said it was Jane and Michael having their bachelorette and bachelor parties, which are supposed to be fun. Everyone’s supposed to be happy. But my god if this wasn’t the most miserable episode of Jane the Virgin I’ve ever seen. It’s not a bad episode, there’s just … Continue reading

Liveblogging My Life

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: On Being Behind and Catching Up

Here is what I am good at. Writing. Reading. Watching television. Analyzing characters. Judging things, judging people, having opinions. I also like doing thing the hard way. Not consciously, of course. I’ve yet to meet a single person who seeks out the most difficult paths to getting what they want and embarking on them, but that … Continue reading

Jane the Virgin / Screen

Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Thirty-Seven”

Jane Villanueva is, without doubt, one of the most likable characters on television. She’s sweet and smart and cares about people. Her incredible circumstances have never diluted what a genuinely good person she is, and Jane walks the fine line between being good and being intolerably, and condescendingly good. The show’s done a near perfect job of … Continue reading

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The Women of Daredevil Make A Disjointed, Tedious Season Two Worth Watching

Second seasons are always a challenge, especially after the first was such a strong outing, and Daredevil isn’t immune to the sophomore slump. Season two is a not-entirely-coherent continuation of the trials and tribulations of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The first four episodes are mostly snooze-inducing, and eventually, Daredevil‘s season two evolves into a … Continue reading