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Twisted: Episode 109 “The Truth Will Out” Review

Twisted‘s had a pretty solid run so far, and this episode was my favorite so far.  It definitely wasn’t perfect, but there was some great Jo and Lacey interaction happening as well some awesome Karen and Danny scenes, and a lot of stuff happened.  By episode’s end only a weekend had passed, but it felt like a lot had been hashed out by then. 

I loved Lacey and Danny’s conversation in his room, where she wondered why she should feel guilty about not telling Jo about their relationship.  The notion that Jo is entitled to this knowledge is irksome to me as is the idea that somehow Danny and Lacey are betraying Jo by keeping their secret.   As Lacey said, she and Jo aren’t best friends again even if they aren’t totally hostile to one another, and it’s not like Jo was in a rush to tell Lacey about her crush on Danny.

The slow but steady improvement of their relationship is one of the better, finer points of this show, but Danny would rather they jump right back to where they were when they were eleven.  Maybe that has something to do with Danny’s relative ease with falling back in with Lacey and Jo.  There were some bumps along the way, but he and Jo are good friends again, and he and Lacey are together. For Danny, the impasse between Lacey and Jo should be far more bridgeable than it’s turning out to be.

Jo and Lacey have to make a concerted effort with one another, and it was nice to see them doing so.  They were able to communicate without using Danny as a bridge.  Almost all of their conversations up until now have been about Danny and Regina’s murder, but they were able to speak more personally this time around.  Jo, who was at the season’s beginning much more hostile toward Lacey, made an effort to pursue a friendship with her again and act as some support while Lacey was dealing with her parents.  The more Jo hangs out with Lacey, the more I like her, and their scenes this episode were some of the best.

I appreciated Jo’s advocacy for Lacey, and even though she was definitely pushy when it came to Lacey’s dad that part at least is in character for her.  Though she’s pretty introverted, Jo’s impulsive and almost self-centered, and it’s showed in her interactions with Danny and tonight with Lacey’s father.  I say almost self-centered because Jo’s persistence in voicing her opinion this episode was very related to Lacey, and Lacey deserving to know the truth from her dad like her advice to Danny.  It comes from a good place even if she is unaware of how she comes off in the process. 

That being said, it was disappointing to have to see Lacey’s family life through Jo.  It was nice to see Lacey’s parents and to get some insight into her family life and the complexities of it,  but why did have to hinge on Jo and her presence at the party?  We get plenty of insight into Jo’s relationship with her parents without anyone else being involved, but Lacey’s family troubles required Jo’s presence? I’d be less put off if we’d seen more of Lacey’s home life before this or even if I thought we were going to see more before the midseason finale, but I suspect we won’t.

Despite Lacey’s position as a main character in this trio she still has the least developed life out of them.  We get plenty of scenes of Jo and Rico interacting one-on-one, but Lacey only gets a few with her friends and had zero scenes with Sarita or Phoebe in this episode. Though we keep hearing about how important Lacey’s friends are, we don’t get to see it.

And I’m dying for a break from the Mastersons, particularly Kyle whose position as Sheriff I absolutely loathe because it makes him so vital to this show.  He was all over this episode, and while it was nice to see him working alongside Danny instead of against him, I would have rather not seen him at all.

Speaking of parents, the insight into Karen and Danny’s relationship via flashback was very interesting to watch.  Despite a difficult relationship when Danny was younger, there’s no doubt that Karen loves her son.  Harder to gauge were how genuine Danny’s feelings are for her.  Before it became apparent that he may have to move to Arizona, Danny was more willing to accept Karen’s confession, but as soon as it was made clear that he’ll have to leave Green Grove if Karen’s charged (and Lacey and Jo) he threw himself into an alliance with Kyle in order to stay in town.

Danny’s been operating under the assumption that Karen isn’t all that crazy about him, and with recent developments where Karen thinks that he’s guilty of killing Regina only compounded that belief.   But the revelations about Karen’s relationship with Principal Tang in order to secure Danny’s placement at the school made it clear to Danny that Karen does love him.  Whether he killed Regina or not (because I don’t believe Karen’s one hundred percent certain either way) she was willing to take the fall for him. Their hug near the episode’s end was great, especially when I recall the last embrace they shared after which Danny was clearly manipulating and lying to her.  In this one, his emotions were real which was surprising and a welcome turn from the sarcastic Danny we usually see interacting with Karen.

Now that Danny’s been ditched by Jo and Lacey, he may need to lean on Karen more, especially as next week brings up Cole’s poisoning again.  Even though Danny’s been saying this entire time that he worried telling Jo and Lacey the complete truth would lead to them walking away from him, I wasn’t expecting them to do it so it was surprising when they did just that after Danny revealed that he’d had the necklace.   Dacey had just gotten started, and then they were no more, right as the video of them making out, and perhaps leading into other X-rated activities, gets sent to Rico (Why was it only sent to Rico?).

The reveal of the video is undeniably going to cause issues between Jo and Lacey as well as with Lacey’s other friends, and I hope that even though there will be problems, even a temporary separation from them, that Lacey gets to have them back later on.

If you’ve got any thoughts, leave them in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Twisted: Episode 109 “The Truth Will Out” Review

  1. We get plenty of insight into Jo’s relationship with her parents without anyone else being involved, but Lacey’s family troubles required Jo’s presence? I’d be less put off if we’d seen more of Lacey’s home life before this or even if I thought we were going to see more before the midseason finale, but I suspect we won’t.

    This!!!! I was not impressed at all. And the little we got of Lacey’s parents in this episode is why I feel the following:

    Did we really need all of those Tess/Karen scenes? ALL of them? I think not. They even got a closing scene about vodka. Meanwhile, where were Lacey’s parents left off? Did Lacey try to comfort Judy after everyone left? Did Judy try to comfort Lacey? Are they both going to keep this from Clara? Did Sam attempt to speak to Lacey before he left? Does Judy have an adult friend with whom she’ll be able to speak about this?

    Who knows the answer to any of the above questions? But we sure got a lot of Tess/Karen. -________-




  3. Great review! I too am distressed by Jo being always interwoven/involved in Lacey’s character development. And how dare she chastise a fully grown adult about what/how he’s hiding his secret. I’m terrified for Lacey having the video released – that can have a tragically lasting effect on a teenager (studies show it has resulted in personality changes, major depression and even suicide). I hope that they do focus on Lacey and Danny being hurt by that more so than poor Jo being hurt by it. After all, Jo told Lacey a “secret” about Lacey’s own family. Lacey’s secret is not about Jo, so its more understandable she kept it from her.


  4. Okay, I thought I was the only one who thought danny didn’t seem to care much about his mom going to prison until he found out about Arizona then he was all concerned. I’m not sure if those were actual real tears or manipulation again. Also i’m sick of the jo show poor lacey can’t even have her own storyline without jo the rescue. Twisted is a great show but this episode was my least favorite.


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