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Caleb’s Leaving ‘PLL’, Moving to Town Full of Dead Birds

The 16-second teaser trailer for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars spin-off Ravenswood just hit the internet and can be viewed here on the show’s official site.

The teaser’s useless as far as information goes (Caleb plus dead ravens plus cemetery equals Ravenswood), but it does bring up a lot of questions regarding what’s next for PLL. The description of Ravenswood, which is being written by a few members of the PLL staff, including creator I.Marlene King, is obscure except for the mention of a mysterious curse that’s going to be affecting our five leads, who include Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) plus others played by Nicole Anderson, Brett Dier, Merritt Patterson and Britne Oldford. 

After glimpsing the town of Ravenswood in an episode of Pretty Little Liars this season, it was definitely creepy, but it couldn’t have been just me who thought its creepiness was slightly more mystical in nature than we’re used to.  The dead raven plus the cultish gathering at a statue certainly implies Ravenswood isn’t the most normal of places.  Because it takes place in the same universe as PLL, if Ravenswood takes a turn down the supernatural pathway, does that mean PLL may do the same?

PLL’s always leaned toward the very creepy, almost mythical feel with the Liars being stalked by A, but so far it’s all been very grounded in reality, however bizarre that reality may be. Because of Ravenswood’s involvement in the recent mystery (and we’re supposed to return there in the midseason finale), the town won’t be existing in a vacuum. Its curse ridden characters could cross paths with the Liars at some point if the writers decided to do so which means overlapping storylines and concepts. Whatever’s going on in Ravenswood – dead birds, etc – I hope it doesn’t become a full-on supernatural show because after four years with PLL, that’ll really feel like jumping the shark.

I’m curious about Caleb leaving Rosewood and girlfriend Hanna (Ashley Benson).  They’ve had a rocky time of it considering the stressful situations they’re in, but their relationship is still one of the show’s best, and Caleb’s the only male character on PLL who isn’t just begging me to throttle him every time he’s onscreen despite his questionable wardrobe choices.  His departure will undoubtedly have a big effect on Hanna, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s handled.  I can’t see them having a dramatic breakup within the next two episodes after finding common ground in this week’s, but I can see them going their separate ways due to situations out of their control.

I think it’s a curious choice to choose Caleb as the vehicle used to spin off, even though the show’s time is going to be split between five leads.  He’s definitely popular on PLL as one half of Haleb ship, but if I had to pick to follow someone out of Rosewood and into a spin-off, it wouldn’t be him.  The characters I would like to see (Jenna, Shana, Melissa) are too ingrained in the PLL mythos to be shipped off to a new town, but I’ve found their characters, even the barely fleshed out Shana, to be more interesting than Caleb though PLLs really tried with giving material and backstory to its supporting cast.

Ravenswood will be an opportunity for further development of Caleb’s character. It’s been harder to invest in his life on PLL when I’m already so wrapped up in the lives of the Liars, and any deviation from their stories annoys me more than interests me.  Caleb’s arcs in getting to know his biological parents have been scattered in screen time but consistent in tone, and those will probably continue in Ravenswood.

It’s too early to tell if Ravenswood will be any good.  My first instinct is that it won’t be, but I thought the same thing about Pretty Little Liars, and now look where we are.   I’ll be checking out its premiere which will air after the annual Halloween themed PLL episode in October.

Tell me what you think about Caleb leaving Pretty Little Liars and what your expectations are for Ravenswood in the comments.



One thought on “Caleb’s Leaving ‘PLL’, Moving to Town Full of Dead Birds

  1. I have only this to say, I know many may not like this but they should have sent Toby to Ravenswood , he has been all over the place since his reveal as an ‘A’ , which means he never knew A ;or Ezra just came in and scooped ‘A’ from Mona. At this point I want to keep liking the show but I think in trying to stray far from from the ‘books’ was much harder to do than the writers thought, To many loose ends? that cannot be put together and I get a feeling as if they throw things together, rather last minute, because we do not see a person off camera…. the next season we are to believe it was the person we see at the picnic table (jenna and Shana) when in fact Shana was never seen in the previous seasons? I call this confusing not suspense and good writers know which of the two makes for a better show. JMO


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