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Black Magic Woman: Sleepy Hollow ‘Blood Moon’ Review

In the second episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie were pointed to a vengeful witch, Serilda of Abbadon looking to come back to life, a feat only possible on a blood moon.  There to assist is Andy (John Cho) who got his neck snapped at the end of last week’s premiere but got a second chance at life to follow the orders of the Demon.   This episode marked the beginning of the show’s dark-apocalyptic-spirit-of-the-week formula and managed to build on the premiere’s momentum though characters, like Captain Irving (who left town to take care of other things) and Katrina (doing whatever it is she does wherever she is) were mostly absent.  This episode also saw the brief introduction of Abbie’s very recent and very attractive ex-boyfriend Luke (Nick Gonzelez), but the hour belonged to Abbie and Ichabod…and a witch. 

Though some shows suffer from a decline following the premiere episode, especially one as solid as Sleepy Hollow‘s, this second episode did a great job of creating a standalone arc that still managed to seamlessly insert itself into the greater myth of the story.  Through Serilda we learn more about Katrina who was the white witch who weakened Serilda and made her capture possible. Because Katrina is trapped in some kind of limbo, she can theoretically be freed which means a reunion for her and Ichabod, whose added that to his to-do list which also includes saving the world and protesting the taxes on pastries. 

So far the saving the world thing is going pretty well.  Between imitation of Ichabod’s accent and interviews on their respective love lives, Abbie and Ichabod managed to work well together in stopping Serilda.  Despite their relatively new relationship, it’s nice to see them taking an interest in one another that isn’t strictly based on the supernatural trials they’re facing, and Ichabod continues to acknowledge Abbie’s reservations and uncertainty and remains encouraging and optimistic about their partnership.

However, it’s impossible for Abbie to take it as well as he is.  While Ichabod’s readily accepted what’s happening, Abbie’s questioning it.  With Captain Irving is back to doubting her and Ichabod and the recanted statements from the other officers who saw the Headless Horseman, this is probably looking a lot like a a repeat of the Four Trees/Demon Vision in which Abbie’s sanity was questioned by everyone, an ordeal which sent her sister Jenny to a mental institution and sent Abbie down a path that nearly landed her in jail.  It was only because of Sheriff Corbin that it didn’t end that way.

It’s a shame that Corbin is dead because his scenes with Abbie, in which he was solidified as a father-figure and mentor for her, were highly enjoyable, and I hope he’ll turn up again to guide her. His encouragement was greatly needed as she was bowing under the pressure, compounded by Irving’s doubts and Corbin’s funeral.  Though Abbie was definitely disturbed and confused by her vision of him in his empty office, it did provide some comfort to her and set her on the path to her sister.

Also getting a lot of screentime in this episode was Andy, carrying out the orders of the Demon.  What he lacked in enthusiasm he certainly made up for in dedication, finding the ancestors of the men who condemned Serilda to the stake.   His motives are intriguing as he definitely has some kind of obsession with Abbie and an equally creepy desire to see her kept safe from the otherworldly happenings of Sleepy Hollow, but he’s readily following the Demon’s orders.  Adamant that there’s no escaping the horror soon to befall Sleepy Hollow, Andy’s allied himself with the bad guys in the hopes of surviving it, but the neck snapping incident shouldn’t make him feel safe, and now his neck is all gross looking, too. 

The appearance of Jenny Mills (Nikita’s Lynndie Greenwood) in the final moments has me really excited for next week.  Her intense workout regimen makes me think she’s preparing herself for something, and the hiding of her medication shows she’s never doubted what they saw in the woods, unlike her sister.  I’m interested in learning more about her relationship with Abbie, and that’s coming next week when Abbie and Ichabod seek Jenny out as the Sandman torments residents of Sleepy Hollow.

Tonight’s cheeky music moment was brought to us by Frank Sinatra’s “Witchcraft“, and we got our first look at the opening credits which were perfectly dark and foggy with just the right amount of whimsy. 

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