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The Greatest Show On Earth: Grey’s Anatomy ‘Puttin on the Ritz’ Review

In Grey’s Anatomy’s 200th episode, “Puttin’ On the Ritz”,  the doctors of Grey-Sloan memorial put on their evening finery to rub elbows with the ostentatiously wealthy and compete for a large donation to the department that raises the most money. Like party planner Ari said, hospitals are too often associated with death, dying and old people, not sex (Ari’s obviously never watched Grey’s Anatomy). This episode was one of the doctors coming together to really celebrate after their difficult year.  Sometimes Grey’s can feel so heavy with its shootings and its plane crashes and its super storms that seeing all my favorite docs out of their scrubs and in beautiful evening wear, competing with each other for buckets of money amongst acrobats and fire-breathers was a lot of fun.  The show can be like a circus at times, and this episode was a prime example.  It combined all the best things about Grey’s: the beautiful people, the comedy, the romantic entanglements, the daring surgeries and the drama to make for one great anniversary episode. 

Bailey’s not coming to the fundraiser, dealing with two unruly patients: a man who’s dying and Richard, refusing to take the options he has.  Richard’s going to owe a lot of people some apologies, preferably to be distributed next episode.  Despite his struggle there’s no excuse for the way he’s treated the two women who have been kindest to him, and the things he said to Meredith and shoving Bailey are absolutely unacceptable, and I won’t forgive Richard for it until Meredith and Bailey do.  Hopefully this is the end of his saga of feeling sorry for himself, and he’ll be more receptive to the medical care Bailey and Meredith try to provide him with.

Speaking of Meredith, she got to bring out the boobs tonight on her and Derek’s first break from their maternity/paternity leaves to party it up.  After their exhaustion last week seeing them tonight finally back to norma, was so great. When Meredith finally got back into the OR, I was really happy for her, and I hope this high can last when she makes her return to work official.

Cristina and Owen take advantage of the party to practice flirting as they attempt to see other people.  While Cristina’s endeavor is just to get some money out of a rich guest, Owen actually meets someone: Emma, a surgeon at Seattle Pres.  I’m less interested in Owen’s new relationship and more interested in how Cristina’s going to deal with it. She’s been more committed to their plans than Owen , but it’s going to be hard for her to watch him move on.  The biggest change is Owen not going to be as available to her as he once was.  As they transition to friendship, they’re going to be walking a fine line between being close but not being together.  Instead of Owen heading to Joe’s for a beer with Cristina after a long day, he’s going to head off with someone else.  On that note, I hope Cristina will also be moving on.  There’s no reason Cristina shouldn’t also find someone else to spend her time with, and I definitely don’t want to watch her pine over Owen.  A single and flirty Cristina is too promising not to see onscreen again.

While everyone else is trying to have a good time Alex is struggling with the possibility of his father being in the hospital.  I can’t believe it’s been ten years, and this is the first time we’re seeing either of Alex’s parents in the flesh.    I was glad to see him confiding in Jo about it and allowing her to help.  In earlier seasons the appearance of his abusive father would have put him on instant guard.  Though Alex wasn’t his usual self tonight, he didn’t stoop down to his former levels and lash out at everyone in sight.   His frustration at learning the truth was more about that truth being laid out for him than Jo confirming it, and I’m excited to see what’s next for him.  If this season’s going to continue with Alex trying to be a mature adult, his father’s reappearance has set him back already.  Like he said, those feelings of terror and anger haven’t gone away, and Alex is occupied with, against his better judgement, concern for what happens to his dad.

Also having a bad night is Arizona, who retreats to the hospital and a closet to mope about the state of her relationship with Callie.  It’s not unrealistic that Arizona would be hurt by the situation, but I dislike how she doesn’t acknowledge that Callie’s also unhappy.  When Callie spotted Arizona at the fundraiser, all her excitement about being talked up by an admiring guest went away.  Callie’s entire view of Arizona has been altered, and her life has also been flipped upside down, but Callie’s stuck on people rightfully judging her for cheating on her wife. Of course it was April who became Arizona’s shoulder to cry on.  Though it was nice to see them interacting, since they’ve rarely shared screetime together, it was an annoying sequence.  They share a common characteristic of making all their mistakes someone else’s fault, and their scenes were about just that.  April’s still not over her thing with Jackson, and Arizona doesn’t mention a thing about therapy, the one thing that may be able to help salvage her relationship with Callie.

I grow more and more attached to Stephanie, and her relationship with Jackson, with each passing episode, and this one cemented by position in the Stackson camp.  I didn’t see Shane kissing Stephanie coming, and I actually gasped when it happened.  Despite all their time spent together this episode none of it read as romantic to me, and it didn’t read that way to Stephanie either.  I worried for a second that Grey’s would hold off on Jackson and Stephanie’s  conversation until next week so I was glad to see the two of them sort it all out within the hour.   Too often Grey‘s slips into these frustrating cycles with their couples when they act really goofy regarding their relationships.  Both Jackson and Stephanie were very clear and very honest about their relationship, and they came away from it with a stronger one.

Next week, Cristina and Meredith are in conflict about the best way to treat a patient as Meredith tries to juggle motherhood and being a surgeon, Stephanie tries to impress Catherine Avery, and Jo gets attached  to a new patient.

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