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Lost and Found: Sleepy Hollow ‘John Doe’ Review

Tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow had our favorite twosome dealing with the release of a plague, delivered to town via a mysterious boy named Thomas of the lost colony Roanoke.  What followed was Sleepy Hollow‘s dabble into the mystery of the colony’s disappearance alongside Ichabod’s gradual adjustment to modern life and Abbie’s embracing of new faith.  Promos for this episode indicated a focus on Ichabod, but this episode was well-balanced between him and Abbie.  Mystery-wise this episode didn’t live up to its predecessors, but it hinted to Sleepy Hollow’s larger plot revolving around the Four Horsemen and saw the reappearance of the absentee Katrina. 

The plague’s release on the town wasn’t particularly interesting until the Horseman of Pestilence was revealed to the be the culprit, and what drove the colonists away from North Carolina to the magical place where they would be safe from the symptoms of the disease.  This episode looked like it had little to do with the coming apocalypse until the Horseman was included.  The explanation behind how the Horseman could be risen by the infection’s spreading was a little on the hard-to-follow side, but that’s easily overlooked with everything else the episode had going for it. 

Abbie’s faith is put to the test when she’s left on her own when Ichabod is infected, which had her on the verge of panic.  It was Abbie’s first go on this Witness Path by herself after having an optimistic and determined Ichabod at her side.  His incapitation made her turn to a higher power for help, the higher power who signed her up to be a Witness in the first place, and it worked, directing her to remedy to the infection.   The way I see it, if Abbie and Ichabod have been blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it) by heaven to fight on the front lines in the apocalypse, the least heaven could do is throw them a bone when it’s necessary.  Abbie’s reclamation of faith, a faith she presumably had or was at least exposed to as a child via her mother, is great to see.  In the past six episodes Abbie’s gone from being skeptical and afraid to faithful and determined, fully embracing her destiny, and also, Ichabod’s role in it.

It’s probably safe to see the two of them are best friends for life now with Abbie trying to help Ichabod transition to the modern world and assuring him of his place there.  Like Abbie I wondered if he’d have tried to stay in Roanoke, a more familiar landscape if that had been possible.  Ichabod’s situation has been played for laughs a lot so it was nice to see an acknowledgement of the difficulty of it.  Despite his mishap with plastic, he’s taking this new life with some stride which is impressive when one considers the war he’s now fighting.

Most welcome this episode was Katrina’s reappearance.  Her absence has been felt in the past few episodes especially with her and her freedom being of such importance to Ichabod, but apparently she’s been unable to summon him to her.   With so little time spent with the two of them, it’s hard to root for them as a couple, and until their kiss I almost forgot the two of the were in love with each other so I’m hoping Katrina’s appearances become a bit more regular.    The bits and pieces we get of her story finally seem to be building to something, namely the reason Moloch’s imprisoned her in purgatory.  Katrina looked so guilty when she began explaining it to Ichabod that I’m curious as to what it was that got her stuck there and if it’s something big. It better be something big if I’m going to have to wait three weeks (or maybe more) to find out what it was. 

Meanwhile Luke began to question Ichabod’s presence in Sleepy Hollow and pretended his concern had nothing to do with his and Abbie’s former relationship.  The two of them haven’t shared many scenes either, despite their past connection, and I’d like to see them talking about their break-up.  Abbie said it was because she was going to the FBI, but since those plans were put on hold indefinitely, why aren’t they back together? And if she doesn’t want to get back together with him, why not?

Luke’s motives are transparent to the audience, and also to Irving who shuts him down immediately.  Still, Luke continues his investigation and it yields results: Ichabod is a professor at Oxford but he’s spending his sabbatical working for law enforcement. That’s interesting, and a total lie, so someone had to have arranged that story.  That someone must have a far reach to make Oxford, all the way across the Atlantic, stick to a fake story about a professor.  If this person is Irving, as I suspect, I’m curious how he does it.   It’s unlikely a police captain in a town as small as Sleepy Hollow would have the power to convince the university to lie about a tenured professor so he must be more than he seems. 

Despite his resistence to the supernatural dangers in Sleepy Hollow,  Irving is very open to allowing Abbie in particular some leeway.  Though his encounters with Ichabod often include Irving being annoyed by him, Irving only gives Abbie a bit of trouble before caving to her eventual requests. He did so tonight, helping her get Thomas and Ichabod out of the hospital even after putting Abbie on a different task at first.   There are multiple theories floating around the interwebs about Irving’s identity and motives, and I’m ready to learn something concrete about him.

In three weeks (three weeks) Sleepy Hollow will return with “Join, Or Die” which will see Abbie and Katrina allying to rescue an abducted Ichabod, the reappearances of Jenny and Andy, plus John Noble (Fringe) as a guest star.

Leave your thoughts on tonight’s episode, lament the mini-hiatus and tell me your hopes for next week’s installment in the comments.


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