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Outside the Lines: Revenge ‘Control’ Review

Tonight’s episode of Revenge, titled “Control” saw many characters coloring outside the lines and Emily hustling to get Daniel back where she wanted him after he made a decision that nearly derailed everything. Victoria offered Margaux some advice: to stop being controlled by powerful men and learn how to control them instead. It’s a lesson Victoria’s learned well, one that Charlotte’s getting versed in, and one that Emily had to implement tonight to keep Daniel – and her plans – on track.

It’s been plain that Emily isn’t invested in Daniel at all outside of his function as the groom in their impending wedding, and tonight it was made clear to Daniel, too.  Though he and Emily have known each other for quite some time, he knows very little about her.  With Daniel’s side of the family grossly prominent, the absence of any mention of Emily’s late parents is glaringly obvious.  Coupled with the secret purchase of Nolan’s house and other ommisions, Daniel doesn’t think he can trust Emily so he calls off their wedding which makes Emily desperate to regain control of the situation.

For the duration of their “relationship”, Emily’s had the upper-hand, with Daniel falling easily into line when Emily wants him to.  But this season especially has Daniel evolving, as Nolan said.  Voulez owner Daniel wants to separate himself from the Grayson legacy and do something on his own.  He wants to provide for his future with his bride-to-be, and he also wants said bride to be in love him which he’s questioning about Emily.  Unlike the old Daniel, this one is going to demand change or take drastic action, not content to be pushed into whatever direction Emily finds most convenient.  But despite how annoying he is, Daniel’s going to serve an important function.  There can’t very well be a wedding without a groom so Emily has to show some vulnerability in order to ensure Daniel stays hooked.  It’s easier said than done as Emily’s absolutely repelled by Daniel, almost as abhorrent as his parents.  But she does what needs to be done and tells Daniel a personal story about her father, explaining how the pain of his loss is still with her.

And just like that, everything’s fine again. Daniel’s back where he needs to be, and next week it’s looking like he’s more invested in their wedding than ever.

Also in need of some controlling is Aiden who gets consistently out of hand, and this time his rashness is focused on Jack, a contender for Emily’s romantic affections. This is a problem because Aiden didn’t return to the Hamptons just to be friendzoned (I hate that term but that was pretty much Aiden’s argument regarding this issue).  If he came to the Hamptons to help her, then why isn’t she making it clear that he’s appreciated?  Just when I thought Aiden might become tolerable, he goes and makes sure that doesn’t happen.  So Emily gives him what he wants: an apology and a reciprocation of his romantic feelings.

And like Daniel, Aiden falls into line.

This isn’t to say that Emily doesn’t have genuine feelings for Aiden because she certainly does.  Whether they’re on the same level as her feelings for Jack is up for debate, but it’s no coincidence that Emily told Aiden what he wanted to hear after witnessing Jack and Margaux’s kiss.  If she can’t have Jack, why not be with Aiden, the only person who knows her best besides Nolan.  Unlike Jack, Aiden readily embraces Emily’s need for revenge, and though he goes off book way more often than he should, he claims to always be on Emily’s side.  And if she can just keep hold of that, her plans can stay together, too.

We finally learn who tried to kill Conrad, and I was kind of right about my prediction last week.  Though it wasn’t Charlotte who did the deed, Conrad thinks it was her, and that’s just as good.  Charlotte’s confession was just another manipulation on the part of Victoria. Since Charlotte abandoned him, Conrad’s been obsessed with winning her back, and Charlotte and Victoria took full advantage.  If there’s anyone in the Hamptons immune to Conrad’s ire, it’s Charlotte, and when she confesses to the attempt (in order to protect Jack), Conrad forgives her instantly.  Though Charlotte had to concede her grudge against her father and feign a reconciliation in the process,  Conrad’s no longer pursuing his would-be killer.

And said killer is Patrick.

He did exactly what Victoria hoped he would never do: something she didn’t want him to do.  Killing Conrad wasn’t on Victoria’s to-do list and though she protected him, she also went running frantically to the gallery to find him.  And for the first time, Patrick wasn’t where Victoria thought he’d be.  Instead he was with Nolan.  Though Victoria doesn’t care about Patrick’s sexual orientation, she might care a little bit when she finds out Emily Thorne’s closest friend is the personal happiness she encouraged Patrick to go for. Nolan certainly isn’t on Victoria’s list of respectable suitors for her son, but Patrick isn’t the type to be controlled so what will this mean for the mother/son pair when Victoria’s manipulations go from the benign (like tricking Daniel and Patrick into bonding) to the malicious (trying to split up him and Nolan)?

In next week’s “Dissolution”, Emily fights to keep her plans in motion when Nolan decides he wants out.

Leave your thoughts on the episode in the comments.


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