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Ghost Town: Ravenswood ‘Death and the Maiden’ Review

Last night’s episode of Ravenswood picked up with our mains at the hospital after their rescue from the river.  Though most of them are physically fine, the trauma of the accident, and a resulting death leads to a search for answers that made for some good viewing as Ravenswood delved even deeper into the mystery of the town and its inhabitants.

Miranda’s death was a shocking twist for the new series, but with Nicole Gale Anderson’s status as a series regular, she was bound to continue to make appearances.  And apparently she’ll be maintaining her presence via ghostly encounters with Caleb.  Though I’m still having trouble connecting with Miranda, her death was a quick way to garner insta-sympathy from me.  Done right this could yield even more great things for Miranda’s character and the series. Harder to wrap my mind around is the friendship between Caleb and Miranda.  He had such a strong reaction to her passing, stronger than anyone else (and way stronger than me). Ravenswood falters with showing their relationship to be as strong as it apparently is, so strong that Miranda desperately wants to stay near Caleb and he easily accepts her ghostly state.

Whatever Miranda’s new status brings, it could be a great enhancer for the plot going forward, and it’s already picked up the pace of the show considerably.  She’s the only one who saw the Veiled Woman on the bridge.  As a ghost she may have access to answers otherwise unattainable for her living companions, or she may be in the path of an enemy.  Something’s certainly knocking around Raymond’s house.  Considering that was the first place the Veiled Woman appeared, I’m betting it’s her, and she’s certainly not friendly so she may be a problem for Miranda beyond the veil.

If nothing interesting comes of it, I suppose I can continue to watch for Remy who currently holds all of my interest.  She’s the most compelling character the show has, and so far Ravenswood is making good use of her. While Luke and Olivia were wrapped up in their Teenage Dream subplots and Caleb was mourning Miranda, Remy was finding answers.  Though it wasn’t talked about much it appears the deaths of people in town coincide with the returns of soldiers from war?  If this is the case, was Miranda’s death meant to make up for Terry’s survival?  

The highlight of the episode was by far Luke and Remy’s romance, being picked up a notch after their tension in the premiere. Their small-town, Romeo-and-Juliet-esque plot is a nice diversion from the shadowy parts of Ravenswood which could easily become too heavy. It’s ABC Family after all so there’s got to be some lighthearted fare scattered amongst the doom and gloom.  Plus their romance looks like it may fit seamlessly into the overall plot with Simon and Rochelle’s feud, which is looking to be about more than Rochelle being a suspect in her husband’s murder.  The same can’t be said of the other Matheson twin’s storyline.

Unlike the other characters, Olivia’s plights are much lower on the intriguing scale and far less urgent.  Who cares about a jealous, social-climbing frenemy when there are ghosts running teenagers off bridges? It doesn’t help that Olivia’s friends are the least developed out of the entire cast.  It’s only episode two so this is likely to change, but the rest of the cast at least has some intrigue going for them. None of the other characters can be called boring (even the horrifically named Springer has something happening), but Tess and Dillon are battling for that prize.  And out of all the mains, Olivia is also the least interesting though I really enjoyed her this episode with her no-nonsense attitude when confronting Tess and later, Rochelle.

A lot of questions were laid out for us to muse over. Did Rochelle have an affair, and if she did, with who? Raymond? Simon? Someone else entirely? Did Terry’s survival cause Miranda’s death? And how? What’s with the creepy and invasive sheriff?  And where is the Veiled Woman?

Her absence was especially ominous tonight, only glimpsed in Caleb’s dream as Miranda revealed what made her grab the wheel from Remy.   There were certainly plenty of supernatural occurrences in this episode, with the kids being in danger at various times (Remy getting caught in the window of her car, Luke’s throat almost being crushed beneath a weight, Caleb’s shattering mirror), but the woman herself was nowhere to be seen.  Especially ominous were the quick, winding shots of the Ravenswood cemetery, as if we were in search of something (the Woman? Something else?) but came up empty-handed.  This could mean it’s hiding, and if it’s hiding then it must have an agenda and will only crop up when it wants to be seen. And if it’s not appearing now, then what’s it waiting for?

Next week’s episode “Believe” will see Caleb and Remy trying to convince Luke of Ravenswood’s haunting with a séance, Olivia delves deeper into her father’s death, and Miranda’s funeral arrives.


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