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Happy Tears: Revenge ‘Homecoming’ Review

There’s this funny thing I do sometimes when show’s are really satisfying. When I’m watching them and everything’s lining up just as it should and doing exactly what I want,  I cry.  Just a little.  It’s a single tear kind of thing.  It hasn’t happened a lot recently, but it did happen when Pretty Little Liars revealed Ezra to be A.  That was a big moment for me (hold your judgment).  The final moments of Revenge’s “Homecoming” were equally satisfying as a memory-challenged Emily recalled Amanda’s death at sea and being shot by her new husband. 

But more on that later.

First, I suppose it’s a mark of Revenge‘s skill that I couldn’t stand seeing Daniel onscreen. While everyone else was in a panic wondering who shot Emily and all coming to a consensus that it was Victoria, Daniel was conspicuously silent.  Strangely enough no one pegged him as a potential suspect (strange because, as in the immortal words of Major Crimes‘ Lt. Louie Provenza, “It’s always the husband”).  As the justice system had its eye on Victoria, Daniel found God and resolved to confess to shooting Emily.  But of course, he wanted to wait until the next day instead of dragging himself to the police station immediately.  His procrastination only proved that Daniel didn’t really want to confess as I refuse to believe he had no idea Victoria would step in to cover for him somehow.   Even with Victoria and Conrad’s intervention (by pointing the finger at Lydia) Daniel still could have spoken up.

But he’s Daniel, and most importantly he’s a Grayson, and they really are the worst.  Lydia became aware of that as she realized that Conrad was going to sell her out, implicating her in Emily’s shooting in the process, and fled the Hamptons.  It was a good move letting her escape arrest since makes a return possible.  When that inevitably occurs, hopefully Lydia’s more resolved to destroying the Graysons and not so easily swayed by Conrad’s nonexistent charms.

On the other hand, the best people are definitely Emily’s Angels.  Jack, Nolan and Aiden were thrown into a tizzy at the episode’s beginning with Emily being AWOL, and despite their often difficult relationships with one another, they managed to be a compelling trio, if not an entirely effective group.   If our leading lady had to be lost in her headspace in this episode, at least Revenge let her three favorite boys do some work on her behalf.

Aiden definitely drew the short straw however.  Just when I was beginning not to mind him so much, here comes Nico (Stephanie Jacobsen) whose aesthetic I certainly appreciate though she seems like an added wrinkle to an already wrinkly show.  Despite her assertions that she’s there to stay close to Emily and protect her from the Graysons, her attempt to inject a mysterious substance into her IV didn’t really gel.  If her liplock with Aiden is any indication, we may have a jealous paramour trying to take out the object of Aiden’s affection. Frankly, that’s a soap staple Revenge can leave alone.  On a different note, Aiden and Emily’s scene on the boat and Emily’s request to skip the hospital and just run away as planned, was both very sweet and very sad. 

Far more satisfying – and interesting – were Nolan and Jack. Fresh off of his and Patrick’s reconciliation, Nolan attempted to use Patrick to see Emily, but Patrick (a contender for the Most Wishy-Washy Award) allied himself with a distressed Victoria instead of his kinda-sorta boyfriend. Cue a breakup.  Nolan was too adorably concerned about Emily to lament it too much, but that won’t last as Patrick has rooted himself firmly on Victoria’s side of the Hamptons and told Victoria about the Infinity Box tucked away in Nolan’s safe.

Though Nolan’s story has become especially tension-riddled, Jack’s was more emotional.  He and Aiden went back and forth about which of them was more at fault for Emily’s predicament before settling on Jack.  After some angsting, Jack’s visit to her yielded one of the episode’s best scenes (Victoria’s fight with Lydia takes first place).   Jack telling Emily about their complicated friendship and emphasizing his admiration and fond feelings for Emily was a nice moment their relationship really needed after their difficulties this season.  Though it was predictable that it would be Jack to trigger Emily’s memories, it was an acceptable predictable.  Jack’s the only person in the Hamptons who knows her both as Amanda and as Emily, and their friendship has easily become one of my favorite parts of the show.

And Emily revealing Daniel as her shooter apparently leads to some violence.

Cue the happy tears!

Speaking of violence against Daniel, if Aiden’s not first in the line I’m going to be very confused.  He’s always been excessively interested in doing physical harm to Emily’s enemies so if he finally learns restraint now, I’m going to be disappointed.

Anyway, back to Emily.   If you’ve kept up with my reviews, you’ll remember my concerns about her amnesia and how long it could last.  Though the promo indicated not all of Emily’s memories have returned to her, she knows her new husband tried to kill her, and that’s upsetting enough.  While she’s out of commission, the Angels will pick up the slack (that’s what I’m calling them now, and no one can stop me) which is going to be a full-time job as Emily’s failure to successfully enact her plan has possibly undone everything else.  Now the Graysons know Emily’s not who she claims to be and are close to learning all of her secrets, putting Revenge in a place it’s never been before.   Emily’s conflict with the Graysons has mostly taken place in the background with only Victoria even suspecting Emily’s to be dangerous.   Now the entire family is watching her.  It’s the closest to all out war Revenge has ever come, and now the Graysons many resources are going to be focused on eradicating the threat that is Emily Thorne.

Finally, do I sense relevancy coming for dear Charlotte? Can it be?  I wrote in my notes,”PLEASE GOD MAKE CHARLOTTE RELEVANT”, and it may actually be happening! Though “Homecoming” did some wonky things with Charlotte’s characterization (having her confide her suspicions in Victoria’s guilt to Conrad of all people, making that weird speech about Emily being an inspiration in her life), it did one really great thing in having Emily tell Charlotte her father’s name: David Clarke.  The one thing that’s ever stood out in Charlotte’s tenure on the show was her learning that David Clarke was her father and adjusting to that information.  Learning the truth about Emily could provide Charlotte with a much-needed boost and open up loads of storytelling opportunities.

I’ll take this moment to mention about how nice it was that Emily remembered one thing and that was her father.  David is such a large part of Emily’s characterization that it was nice to see that even suffering from physical and psychological trauma, that Emily’s love of her father still remained.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Tears: Revenge ‘Homecoming’ Review

  1. Hey i love your reviews, i watch Revenge, Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Teen wolf , PLL , Twisted, Reign and a lot of other shows. I loved your mention of Provenza from Major Crimes[ The Closer] I love him and especially his epic bromance with Flynn.


  2. I definitely agree with everything you’ve said. I admit I’m a bit nervous from the promo for next week, but I’m sure the Angels will pull through if Emily can’t! 🙂


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