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Love in the Time of Ghosts: Ravenswood ‘My Haunted Heart’ Review

It’s an accomplishment in and of itself that this episode kept me awake, a good move since this is the last episode of Ravenswood for a while, maybe permanently if the network doesn’t pick it up for more episodes.  After the snoozefests that were the last couple of episodes, Ravenswood needed this one to have some kind of effect.  Thankfully, it wrapped up some of the show’s more tiresome storylines, revealing Charles Matheson’s killer, knocking off some dead weight in its cast and revealing (sort of) what Raymond’s been up to.  But still, it wasn’t a great episode, and if this ends up being the last we see of Ravenswood, it won’t be much of a disappointment, though I’ll certainly miss Remy and her adorable relationship with Luke.  

The appearance of Ashley Benson as Hanna certainly didn’t hurt things.  Hanna surprised everyone with her sudden arrival in Ravenswood, looking for Miranda who she admitted she came there to fight with (!) after stealing Caleb away.  Forced to reveal that Miranda had died, Caleb tried to explain that she was sticking around as a ghost which Hanna wasn’t quick to believe. Once she came around, it yielded a few of the episode’s better scenes, particularly one of Hanna speaking to Miranda at the funeral home and Miranda speaking back (though Hanna could neither see nor hear her).

The Miranda/Caleb love triangle is one of the show’s weaker elements, and “My Haunted Heart” showed the ways the entire scenario could be improved by keeping Miranda and Caleb platonic. Besides the better acting from Nicole Gale Anderson and Tyler Blackburn in their scenes with Benson, Miranda and Caleb’s friendship has been better developed than their budding romantic feelings.  When Miranda promised to keep Caleb safe until he could return to Hanna, it was believable but didn’t elicit the #PoorMiranda ABCFamily wanted it to mostly because there’s very little to be interested in about Miranda and Caleb.

Shoddy acting from Blackburn aside, he and Benson have always had nice chemistry, and seeing Caleb and Hanna together again perked me up considerably. Since there was no doubt Hanna was going to leave Ravenswood in one piece, the threats to her lacked urgency.  To be fair, any sighting of Max is more annoying than frightening, and seeing as how Caleb just left Hanna in the bathroom he was afraid she’d be attacked in, all my interest in that went out the window.  Then Hanna wasn’t seen again until she left town, after having a very nice conversation with Caleb about their circumstances, and despite a kiss, they definitely aren’t back together. What could have been played for giggles about their exchange (“There’s nobody like you in the entire world.”/”That’s true.”) was so earnest, it was hard not to love it.

It’s unlikely Miranda and Caleb are going to stay platonic forever, at least not with old-timey Caleb running around and just being glad to see any Miranda.  It was almost disappointing that they didn’t kiss since that would have been twisted enough (Miranda making out with the ghost of her crush’s past self because she can’t make out with her crush) to make me interested in the show’s return.  Whatever iteration of Miranda and Caleb start hooking up, Ravenswood will have to do better with their relationship if they want the romance angle to float.

The Who Killed Charles Matheson plot was finally resolved as well as Remy, Olivia and Luke were directed to the truth by Bloody Tears Dude who showed them how Charles died: stabbed to death by Dillon.  After watching the scene play out before her eyes, Olivia was understandably enraged and hoping to get to kill Dillon herself, an interesting change since Luke’s always been the one with the bad temper but was trying to contain Olivia this time around.  That is, until Dillon kidnapped Remy.

Throughout Remy’s struggle with Dillon, my thoughts alternated between Remy will fight a bitch and Now Luke is really going to kill Dillon.  And I wasn’t wrong about that last bit as Luke’s first order of business when they found Dillon at the chapel was to grab him and throw him up against the wall demanding to know where Remy was.

After they found her, and we were treated to some more atrocious special effects, Abbadon almost brought Miranda back to life before Raymond stopped him.  As expected, Raymond’s not nearly as evil as the show’s been trying to make us believe, but it also flaked on providing an explanation for the instructions Raymond gave Dillon last episode. Instead it was revealed that Raymond’s been following in the footsteps of the Collins men and acting as a keeper for the children of the pact. Certain there’s no way of stopping the pact from being carried out, lest one end up like Miranda’s mother and Luke and Olivia’s father (that is: dead), Raymond’s  been going along with it.  His one act of rebellion was in his attempts to get Miranda out of town, but we all know how that ended up.  To get Abbadon to scurry away (details are fuzzy on how exactly that happened) Raymond smashed the jar with old-timey Caleb’s hair in it, releasing him on the world.  The only good thing about this is that we (may not) be treated to anymore RAYMOND IS EVIL shenanigans if the show comes back.

Also a good thing: Dillon’s dead.  Why he died, no one knows, but maybe it’s because he failed at…something. What he messed up on is hard to say, but he’s definitely dead as he was hit by a train which probably stings a lot seeing as how Dillon went on this whole endeavor because he didn’t want to die.  Whatever, at least we won’t have to deal with him anymore.  Now if only Tess and Springer can find their way to the same train tracks.


  • It was some sloppy spin-offing with Hanna turning up in Ravenswood with really bad hair markedly longer than her PLL hair not to mention how out of the blue her appearance seemed without being connected in the PLL episode. Since Ravenswood made prior attempts to keep the shows on the same wavelength, it was weird that something got lost with these.
  • When Hanna showed up,  everyone was like “Oh how sweet” and then she mentioned Miranda and everyone went, “Nevermind.”
  • The scene of Abbadon beginning to resurrect Miranda and everyone freaking out – from Miranda’s throat-clutching mania to Caleb’s angry battle cry plus the wind – was a bad one for everyone.
  • Remy and Luke continue to be adorable. If this show fails, they should both head to Pretty Little Liars and like, do stuff.

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