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It’s the Worst Homecoming Ever in Twisted‘s ‘Home Is Where the Hurt Is’

I have never seen a worse Homecoming than Twisted‘s. It wasn’t even terrible in the way that big dances can sometimes be on teen dramas. There were no plotlines that came together in epic and/or violent climaxes, it just was.  And oh, it was truly terrible. I don’t mean to rag on Jo all the time since she really has improved a lot in the past two episodes, but she should not have been put on the Homecoming committee, and she most certainly shouldn’t have been in charge. Why anyone would want Titanic as a theme is beyond me. Sure it was great love story, but everyone died. Throw in some terrible outfits on our leads (but very confusingly decent ones on the rhythm-challenged extras), and you’ve got a recipe for an aesthetically terrible Homecoming. But maybe this was the point.

Titanic was a fantastic love story, but it was also a tragedy, and you go through the entire moving dreading the inevitable sinking and the deaths of over a thousand people. It’s not the most fun of experiences, and neither was Danny’s return to Green Grove High after being cleared of Regina’s murder. Danny feeling guilty about killing Vikram is a good thing. If he didn’t feel a little bad it would be alarming (though it would be interesting if the show returned to its original premise of whether or not Danny’s a sociopath), but his guilt is practically crippling him and making it impossible for him to feel even a little bit happy or relieved about the change in his circumstances in town. 

Back at school Danny encountered Charlie, is former roommate at juvie, which instantly makes Charlie a million times more suspicious. But not really since he’s just looking to start over the way Danny wishes he could without the specter of juvie hanging over him so he can have a new life in Green Grove, but there’s something very off about Charlie turning up in a town that isn’t his own and insinuating himself into Danny’s life via his two closest friends.  What could have been an innocent crush on Lacey that got snuffed out with Danny and Lacey’s obvious relationship turned sour once Charlie immediately set his sights on Jo in the face of Lacey’s rejection. Apparently he’s trying to take over Danny’s life or something to that effect. There’s more to Charlie and Danny’s relationship than just being semi-friends as there’s a secret both are keeping, but it’s hard to say what a big deal that secret is since Danny didn’t seem that freaked out by Charlie and even encouraged him to ask Lacey to Homecoming. If Charlie’s dangerous, which ABC Family promos seem intent on pushing, why would Danny nudge Charlie further into Lacey’s orbit when he’s been so stuck on keeping Lacey and Jo safe in the past?

Despite Danny’s words, Lacey and Charlie didn’t end up going to Homecoming together once Lacey demanded answers about Danny’s weird behavior and that, along with Jo’s encouragement, got Danny to try to enjoy himself at the dance with Lacey. It was all going pretty well (bad wardrobe for Lacey and Jo not withstanding) until Lacey’s attempt to talk to Danny about the kind of person he was and Danny being crowned Homecoming King led to his mini-angst spiral onstage as he told everyone what a mistake they’d made in voting for him because he’s a terrible person. Like I said, Danny’s guilt isn’t bad for the story, but the way it’s going isn’t being handled with any of the nuance and subtlety that would make it less cringeworthy to watch. Instead it’s going the rote and predictable route of making everything Danny does about how sad and unworthy he can feel at one time, making me just as irritated with his doom and gloom as Lacey, who ditched him because she couldn’t deal with his unrelenting misery and unwillingness to tell her what the problem was. The two reconciled at the episode’s end, and their cute scene pretending to meet for the first time almost made up for the lacking moments their relationship’s been given since the show returned.

Even though Jo’s improved a lot since a couple of episodes ago, Twisted refuses to allow all three of the Mastersons to be mostly tolerable at once. Now Tess has moved into the annoying slot her daughter just recently (and just barely) vacated with her breathy anxiety reaching new heights as Kyle got closer to finding Vikram. Thankfully this secret wasn’t dragged out much longer than it needed to be as Kyle learned of Tess’ communication with Vikram and became understandably pissed about the whole thing and demanded that Tess make an official statement just before he got a call that Vikram’s body had been found. This will inevitably going to led to more heavy-handed writing to emphasize Danny’s discomfort with his new life, but at least this mystery is moving along at a faster pace than its predecessor.



  • Charlie and Danny have friendship bracelets. I’m sure that’s not what they actually are, but I mean…they are the same. That was probably the best piece of styling in the entire episode. I was truly offended by Danny, Lacey and Jo’s Homecoming attire. If this is what we can expect of Homecoming, I fear what we would get for Prom.
  • Cole and Sarita both turned up. Cole decided Lacey was a total badass, and Sarita decided she still hadn’t forgiven Lacey or Danny. Her unceremonious plopping of the crown on Danny’s head was the best thing.
  • Rico has a love interest, Andie (Cynthia Wu), and while I care about this a modicum more than a care about Karen/Jack and Kyle/Tess, I still don’t care that much.
  • What was that terrible CGI behind Lacey when she was on Jo’s porch?

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One thought on “It’s the Worst Homecoming Ever in Twisted‘s ‘Home Is Where the Hurt Is’

  1. Yea, the lows of this show are deep

    I’m a little annoyed that there’s no one on this show I should be afraid of. I want to be afraid of Danny but in a anti-hero way. And him being all mopey just kills that for me.

    There’s nothing “Twisted” about this show at all and I don’t know why they’re not trying to get to that point.

    I don’t understand why Karen let her son go to a dance dressed and styled in such a manner. They have money, they should do better.

    Only two happened in this episode: Tess’ secret is out to Kyle and they found Vikram’s body. 41 minutes of show and that’s it. I can’t even see what the future problems of Green Grove will be after Kyle finds out Danny killed Vikram (in defense). Like, how will this story universe generate a real issue?


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