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Twisted ‘Danny Indemnity’ Review

I’ve figured out a problem Twisted has. It’s one of many problems, but it’s a big one for this episode. It doesn’t know how to angst. All shows angst a bit, unless it’s a half-hour comedy of course, but all the hour-long dramas have their fair share, and as it turns out every show does it better than Twisted. It has no idea how to present genuine emotion without smacking you across the head with it to the point of making you want the currently angsting character to evaporate. It had this problem with Jo, whose angsting I attributed to being part of her character. That’s still true, since Jo’s character is still pretty much on the entitled side of things, but now that Danny’s the one overflowing with angst and misery, he’s just as intolerable as she was not-too-long ago. 

After seeing the booted feet walk up to Vikram’s dead body awhile ago, we finally got confirmation as to what the owner’s of said feet were up to: hiding the circumstances of Vikram’s death and staging a car accident that conveniently (and suspiciously) covered up what happened on top of the cliff. The big question is who did it and what their intention was in doing so, and once Danny got a cool $10 million from his father’s life-insurance policy, he became convinced that Karen did it. 

And Danny was very upset about it. 

He really does have a gift for completely sidestepping the bright side of the situation. Even when he was certain Karen moved Vikram’s body to protect him, and Jo pointed out that Danny was safe since Karen would never sell him out, Danny immediately jumped to it being all his fault if Karen gets arrested. He’s exhausting, and every time Lacey yells at him I just want her to yell at him more. If Danny wants to wallow in his misery, he should feel free to do that, but when Lacey’s already limited screentime is devoted to trying to work through his angst, I’m not impressed. Meanwhile Danny’s pulling out his favorite excuse for keeping secrets that don’t really need to be kept: protecting Lacey and/or Jo from things that 1) aren’t that dangerous and 2) are just stupid. This is the most unlikable Danny’s ever been, stuck in an ever-evolving wheel of eyeroll inducing drama even as everyone else (even Jo!) is just trying to get on with their lives.  This isn’t to say that some guilt and sadness isn’t to be expected (just like Jo’s hurt feelings about finding about Lacey and Danny were to be expected), but maybe Twisted thinks no one will understand what a character is feeling if they aren’t harping on it all the time and stomping around charity auctions with their hands in their pockets and glaring at everyone. Everything Danny says, everything Danny does is just radiating with his bottled-up guilt.  And just like I had no patience for it with Jo, I’ve got no patience for it here. 

Jo’s just as concerned as Danny about who covered for them, but she’s more than willing to take the good things as they come. For Jo, this good thing seems to be Charlie, who only gets creepier with each episode. At this point I’d rather they went the straightforward route of having Charlie just be normal since his weird obsession with Jo isn’t doing anything good for anyone. Wouldn’t it just be easier, and less stupid, to have Charlie have a few relatively benign secrets, but actually be there just to start over? I’m going to say yes since that would be nicer than the path we’re on now with Charlie apparently wanting any piece of Danny’s life he can get his hands on. Charlie’s perfectly decent when he’s not hopping from one significant female friend in Danny’s life to the other, and he and Jo actually have nice scenes together which are helped along by Jo actually smiling. But it’s all tainted by the knowledge that Charlie’s up to something sinister. 


Also unimpressive was the Masterson drama following the discovery of Vikram’s body and Tess revealing to everyone that she’d known Vikram was alive. The only satisfying thing about this was Karen’s rage which was perfectly understandable (and it’s a shame that casserole wasn’t a jello or a salad or something that would have flown out of that bowl to ruin Tess’ coat when Karen threw it at her). Tess rationalized her secret-keeping by repeating what a decent guy Vikram was in high school which fell flat (though it maintained its breathiness) so it was no wonder everyone was so pissed at her.  I’d hoped this might be the end of Tess’ mysteries, but Twisted would obviously like to tell a story all about the boring adults populating this town with the reveal of a baby Tess gave up for adoption (as if anyone actually wants more Tess and Kyle), a story that’s preemptively boring, and I already feel like I already have a bead on how this story is going to unfold since the show’s not as good with the twists and the turns as it would like to believe. 

I wish there was something to type about Lacey, but there isn’t. Whatever hopes anyone (including me) had about her character getting some different treatment post-hiatus are pretty much confirmed to have been a waste since all Twisted can do with her now is have her trail behind Danny and demand answers to his crappy behavior.  At this point it would be more satisfying to make a drinking game out of how many times Lacey can question Danny about why he’s upset and being shut down. 


  • “We recited Keats and Shelley to the rising sun.” Okay. 
  • I still don’t care about Andie and Rico, and it isn’t helping that Twisted is going the route of having Jo inexplicably jealous of them spending time together even after she pushed them together in the first place. Every time the show takes a step forward with Jo, it insists on taking another step back, but as long as she stays upwind of Danny’s issues, we’ll be fine. 
  • Calling it now: Jack is the dude at the bar whose baby Tess had. 

Leave your thoughts in the comments. 


5 thoughts on “Twisted ‘Danny Indemnity’ Review

  1. I really liked this review. I agree with the response that Danny has a reason for angst. But as you said, it is being over done in our faces when they could have him trying to hide it somewhat. Thus, being a manipulative person again. I liked that Danny better than emo Danny.

    I didn’t like Tess’s baby reveal because most viewers guessed that in 1a. But I was more disappointed and angry that this is ONLY a Masteron problem thus being only a JO problem from the lead trio. Once again, the Jo show will commence. I would prefer a real twist that Tess had an affair with Sam Porter thus bringing about Lacey and Jo a sister or even Vik so Danny and Jo share a sibling. Which would explain a lot better why Danny feels so is so important. Now the baby reveal is so blah. And Jack will be the dad in my opinion too. Which is boring because I have no investment in Jack and could care less.


  2. I completely disagree about one part of your analysis, and thats Danny’s emotional angst re. his circumstance. The kid just spent 5 years in prison after being set up by his father, who died 6 months prior to his release. He’s been treated like a killer ever since he got out yet borne it with stoicism and grace. He finds out his father framed him for a second murder (which means his father is a murderer as well as a sociopath who likely never loved his son). And then Danny goes and accidentally KILLS his own dad, which means now he’s a murderer for real (of his own FATHER) as well as his name will never be cleared for Tara’s death. Its only been a few days – I’d say he deserves some angst.


    • I didn’t say Danny didn’t deserve to angst or that his angst didn’t make sense (I actually said him angsting was to be expected). The problem Twisted has it that it has no idea how to do these things without doing them badly, and going over the top with it to the point where I no longer care about Danny’s circumstances because he’s being so annoying about it.


      • Yes, that I do get – sorry took so long for me to get back to you. Excellent on-the-money reviews for Twisted in general though – thanks!


        • Oh thanks! I had to quit though. It just got too bad. I might do another one for the finale episode (which I hope will end up being the show’s series finale as well).


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