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Revenge “Disgrace” Review

Dear Revenge,

No one cares about Margaux.

Signed, Chelsea, who so badly wants to enjoy this show and all its parts but is consistently kept from doing so by your insistence on conceiving the most boring characters imaginable and sticking them in equally boring storylines about fictional magazines and daddy issues.

Since Margaux’s essentially a cardboard cutout with a French accent and a trendy haircut, it was no surprise that her father Pascale was much of the same. I mean seriously. Accent ? Check. Trendy haircut? Check. Is this what makes a new character on Revenge these days? Whatever business is going down at Voulez may as well be static for all the interest it demands, and not even Pascale and Victoria’s relatively mild flirtation did little to salvage it. But there was a little something that makes it a little less terrible.

But first, Emily’s interest in Stevie and her visit to her father was blocked by Jack, who continued to be wary of getting anyone he cared about involved in the Graysons and their dangerous drama. It’s good to see Revenge remaining consistent in the Emily and Jack’s relationship and having them tiptoe around one another, both being extra careful not to fracture their fragile relationship while it’s still on the mend. Ever since this season premiered, Revenge has been operating with a more conscious understanding of its characters, particularly its lead, and the nuance now given to her relationship with Jack is one of the best results of this. That being said, Jack’s decision to throw himself into Emily’s vengeance plans in honor of Declan and Amanda was a bit sudden, and there’s no telling why Jack’s now so comfortable with crossing his fingers and hoping for the best with regard to collateral damage after railing on Emily about this very thing before.  But for the sake of watching Jack and Emily interact as people laden with both baggage and bloodlust and partner up in their vengeance gig against the Graysons, I’ll accept it. 

It helps that this could be leading to the end of him and Margaux (we can only hope) since Stevie gave up some information connecting Pascale to the David Clarke scandal and gave Emily a new target. Considering how rough Marguax’s relationship with her father is, it’s hard to say if she’ll even care once he’s been ruined by whatever plan Emily comes up with, but I hope she does take offense so she can just…go away.

Before Emily could set her sights on Pascale, she had to break away from the Graysons which was the inciting incident of the opening sequence of Emily’s dramatic departure of the opera like Cinderella at the ball (I really expected her to lose a shoe) in disgrace after her medical records were released and her fake pregnancy revealed. It was fairly obvious that Emily had done the leaking herself, since there was no way she would have given Victoria and Daniel exactly what they wanted in her breathless “Those are private!” and subsequent fleeing, and it was nice to see Emily somewhat on top in her struggle with the Graysons. But with Victoria getting closer to figuring out who Emily is and what her motives are, Emily’s playing just as much into Victoria’s hand as Victoria is playing into hers.

When Daniel’s attempt to convince Emily to divorce with photos of kissing Aiden failed (I’m not sure why he was surprised by that since Emily had already threatened to tell the world Daniel shot her if he tried to) despite the hefty settlement offered, Victoria realized Emily was after more than just money. Her many connections to David Clarke (including her close relationship with Amanda and her relationship with Aiden) are all being recalled, and Emily refusing the money to stick around set off alarm bells that indicate she’s more invested in the destruction of the Graysons than their opulent lifestyle.

The show looks like it could be gearing up for a race between the two factions, both fighting a war, but only one side really aware of what they’re fighting for. But if Victoria has any hope of stopping Emily, she has to first figure out who she is, and if Emily wants to take down the Graysons she has to do so before Victoria finds out her real identity.

Stray Observations

  • I want to say something about Charlotte and how terrible her storylines continue to be, but I can’t say anything else. It’s all been said before.
  • What’s taking Conrad and Victoria so long to comment on Stevie being Jack’s mother? You’d think they’d both be rolling with that particular fact in their verbal sparring matches with Stevie. Maybe next week.
  • Emily and I had the same reaction to Javier: “Are you kidding me?”
  • Javier’s not immediately offensive. In fact, it’s nice to see some remnants of Nolan’s jail time making its way onscreen, but considering how Revenge has gone with its random new characters, I’m expecting the worse for Javier. For some reason Revenge has no idea how to incorporate new characters, especially if they have no immediate connection to the Grayson/Clarke drama. It took them awhile to reach their stride with Amanda, and then they killed her off. Now we’ve got Margaux who gobbles up screentime and is way less interesting than Amanda turned out to be.
  • Next week looks like it’s about to be something of a head-to-head between Team Emily and Team Victoria, and while Victoria’s certainly formidable, the rest of her team leaves a lot to be desired. Daniel and Charlotte? I wouldn’t want either of them on my side in a dodgeball tournament much less a Hamptons power struggle. Where’s Patrick? At least he was down with murder.

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