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Alicia’s Still The Good Wife in “The Deep Web”

“There are people who make the mess, and people who clean up.”

Alicia said this during a talk with her mother, Veronica (Stockard Channing), talking about how she’s the good one, constantly stuck cleaning up the messes and never making any herself. Saint Alicia has been a moniker that’s followed Alicia around a lot, making her few deviations from this into something close to scandalous. It was why her relationship with Will was so heavy and exciting, especially when it was made public. And it’s kind of true. 

Alicia’s a good person. She just is. But when she told Peter that their marriage arrangement was going to change, it opened up doors for relationships outside of it. Because Peter’s gone the way of extramarital relationships before, it wouldn’t be strange to see him going there again, but Alicia’s more complicated. Like she told Peter, her affair with Will meant something, built upon from their law school days and moving into the present when he came through in her time of need and exploding as their attraction grew. Since The Good Wife began there have only been two serious men in her life: Peter and Will (I’m not counting that fake lawyer she had a crush on that one time), and there’s history in those respective relationships that doesn’t exist with a hot guy she met at jury duty.

Daniel Irwin (Nestor Carbonell), battery-maker, unmarried father and obviously interested in Alicia, was a small enticement. When he suggested a drink, Alicia’s confliction – immediately saying no but then considering it – made her think over her constant designation as “good one.”

Then came Alicia’s returning feelings of aimlessness following Will’s death. “The Deep Web” was a bit of a rollercoaster for Alicia whose dark moments came after Cary insisted she take the day off. Recent episodes have seen Alicia in a better mood following Will’s death, but these have also been episodes where Alicia had lots of work to do between Finn’s workplace drama, the NSA or a potential merger with Lockhart/Gardner, there’s always been something for Alicia to think about other than Will being dead. Without that as a buffer, Alicia’s feelings of uncertainty returned and she turned to her mother for guidance. More often than not Alicia’s interactions with Veronica are used as comic relief in contrast to the spirited Veronica’s flightyness contrasting with Alicia’s control, but their scenes tonight were sweet all the way through (save that interruption from Veronica’s new boyfriend) with Veronica throwing herself into reassuring her daughter.

It was always unlikely Alicia would take Daniel up on his offer, so soon after Will’s death and still being the “good” one. So she went to the bar to meet Daniel and only watched him where he sat with two glasses of wine before leaving. Alicia will probably always be the good one, and that’s one certainty Alicia can have even after Will’s murder. But if this is the way Alicia’s going to go, staying faithful to a marriage that she’s not even interested in anymore, what does this mean for her future?

Granted, Alicia’s not the only good person on the show. She’s Saint Alicia, but she’s not exactly surrounded by heathens. Aside from the designated villains (like David Lee and Louis Canning) most of our mains are fairly good people. That’s why Diane refused to represent her client of the week whose guilt went back and forth on being certain before it became clear that not only was he guilty of the conspiracy the state was charging him with but also ordering a murder and trying to frame someone else. It would have been just as easy for Diane to remain his lawyer since lawyers represent guilty people all the time, but she doesn’t even though he’s the son of an important client and would undoubtedly draw in plenty of money. Since Will’s death, Diane’s been channeling him even as she’s admitted herself, and Will was the most morally grey good guy we’ve got (alongside Eli and Peter and even Kalinda depending on what day it is), and if she’s going to protect herself against Canning and David Lee’s machinations to oust her from the firm, she’s going to have to channel even more of him.

And another good guy being tugged at by the dark side is Finn, slowly being integrated into the main cast. No longer is he spending most of his screentime with Alicia, but tonight he was with Diane, Kalinda and Eli as he Matthew Goode starts to ascend to his series regular placement. Without a campaign manager of his own, Eli took it upon himself to ensure Finn’s victory, arranging for a television interview which, by Eli’s standards, Finn did perfectly. He easily handled questions about his sister’s suicide and his family’s tough love strategy for dealing with her drug addiction and named Will as the hero during the courtroom shooting despite his discomfort with politics and the bullshitting that comes with it. It’s Alicia with whom Finn may have the most in common, not Will who he’s arguably come to replace. Just as Finn noted, Eli’s going to make him into a hero and secure his election win just like he already made Alicia a saint. But Eli didn’t make them that way. It was kind of already there. Finn’s just a little bit heroic, and Alicia’s just a little bit saintly.

It is called The Good Wife after all.

Stray Observations

  • That pregnant lady was kinda rude, and Alicia’s stink eye was hilarious.
  • Are you telling me the Florrick household can’t invest in a universal remote?
  • So is Alicia going to be celibate until Peter’s out of office or what? Because….that’s a bad plan.
  • Finn: “Kalinda, why do people let you into crime scenes?”
  • What is this show Alicia is constantly watching now? Why do I want to watch it?
  • Seriously I mean everybody loves Alicia. In the show anyway. And I’ve yet to hear of anyone who doesn’t like Finn. They’re like twins.
  • Which kind of makes me want them to hook up. And wouldn’t that be a moral dilemma considering Finn’s also pretty married. Let’s not worry about that now. We’ll probably have to wait until next season anyway.

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One thought on “Alicia’s Still The Good Wife in “The Deep Web”

  1. wow, your review of the show’s episode was completely neutral and spot on. You’ve covered everything I wanted to say. Next episode looks like where Finn and Alicia’s relationship gets questioned and “put on blast” sorta speak. Can’t wait to hear your review on THAT on


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