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The Divide slows down with “Never Forget”

I remember thinking that The Divide was proceeding way faster than I anticipated with last week’s episode floating the name of a potential killer, but this episode’s very scaled back, almost seeming to run in place. Adam and Billie are at odds after he confesses about hiding the photos of Bankowski, Kucik’s out of prison, Christine’s taking her bar exam, and Jenny’s committing suicide. It sounds like a lot when you fit it in one sentence like that, but “Never Forget” is actually a very slow episode that focuses a lot on Kucik, but despiteThe Divide’s best efforts (and I’m sure Kucik’s interesting to someone), he’s boring.

For Christine failing the bar is pretty detrimental to her goal of helping her dad, which actually isn’t mentioned all that much besides Danny working on it and getting yelled at by his boss. It’s weird that the show waits so long to tackle the idea of her feeling guilty about her father’s imprisonment and not being able to withstand the prosecution’s questioning rather than really wanting to be a lawyer. It’s her guilt propelling her forward, and the episode seems to add it as an afterthought when it feels much bigger than that. Other than failing her exam, Christine doesn’t do much this hour besides hitting on Kucik and sending his letters to Jenny to read.

Being back in the world isn’t going well for Kucik, who isn’t having the easiest time with his parents. Though his mom is happy to have him home, his father makes no secret of his disdain, culminating in an altercation between the two after his dad mentions Emily. He’s still not very interesting, and a whole episode devoted to his return to the world doesn’t make for very good viewing. There’s something compelling about him pretending to be a Nazi while in prison (no doubt making good on the perception of him being so racist that he slaughtered an entire family and raped a teenage girl), and everyone pointing out to him now that it’s probably not a good idea to have a Nazi tattoo on his hand when he’s trying to prove that he’s not a terrible person. Maybe compelling isn’t the wrong word. More hilarious in a very unfunny way because if this doesn’t come up at some point down the line and doom him in some way I’m going to be very disappointed.

Things go slightly better with Jenny who decides to see Kucik face to face after reading his letters (his Nazi tattoo is covered up at this point). All she wants is assurance that he didn’t hurt Emily and doesn’t know who did (he keeps Eric Zale’s name very quiet after Clark’s warning about being too loud about it). After the past few episodes of Jenny being everything that’s bright and lovely about this show, her attempting suicide (I hope very much that she’s alive and relatively well next week) wasn’t given the attention it should have been this episode. While viewing the first episodes I thought a suicide attempt may be in the future for Jenny since she’s struggling so much with the murders and now her mistakes with identifying Bankowski and Kucik, so it’s not surprising that it happens so much as disappointing that it happens this way, in an episode where she’s been in the background.

Aside from Kucik, it’s Adam’s ongoing investigation that gets more screentime. After confessing to burying the photos of Bankowski, he and Billie are on the rocks, and it becomes immediately clear why Adam didn’t tell her when he did it: because he knew she’d be pissed. And she is pissed. Adam’s White Knight deal isn’t working with this new information, and it makes for some good conflict between the two of them. While Billie’s not afraid to take Adam to task for breaking the law to make his case, he brings up her working relationship with Stanley Zale, a job that requires she paint his illegal activities as being legal. Surprisingly Adam’s investigation brings Bobby further into the fold. When Isaiah refuses to cooperate with his son’s look into the police force, Adam turns to former cop Bobby (who lost his shield and his pension for his drinking) to find out what happened.

Last week dropping Eric Zale’s name seemed to set The Divide on the course to eventually reveal them to us, but the Zale name still recedes to the background this week. We learn a little bit more about Stanley, including his relationship to Billie and Adam’s disapproval of it, but the juiciest part is his acquaintance with Isaiah. When the two meet in snowy seclusion to talk about their respective sons, it becomes clear that we’re certainly on the right path regarding who’s to blame for the Butler murders even if the characters themselves aren’t really making any strides.

Stray Observations

  • Adam’s face while Bobby stood there juggling made me laugh.
  • I’m not surprised Christine failed considering how little studying she was doing. I wonder what will happen once it comes out that she did fail. Is she going to try again? Is Clark going to let her stick around when she obviously isn’t cut out for it?
  • I’m really, really interested in more details of Adam and Billie’s relationship. There’s obviously a lot of love there, but her mentioning how much she’s done to get him where he is makes me very excited to learn specifics.

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One thought on “The Divide slows down with “Never Forget”

  1. I guess it is all in the perception.

    You called this episode a slowing down. I saw it exactly the opposite as there seemed to be conflict in almost every scene – which to me means that as the tensions rise – the characters get closer and closer to full physical conflict (one pair did) – their hearts race a bit as do ours.

    1) Adam & Billie
    2) Kucik and his Dad
    3) Adam and his Dad Isaac
    4) Adam and Bobby (almost a conflict) but it was just below the surface
    5) Adam and the DNA tester now teaching in a college

    I like the fact that Christine failed the bar. Now she can devote more time to THIS Case and others. Why is that good? Because she can cut corners that a lawyer cannot.

    Billie mentioned that Adam had no idea what she had to do to put Adam on the pedestal he stands on now (as DA). What else could that mean besides that Billie had to sleep with Zale.

    Adam wants to hire Bobby because Bobby can do what Adam cannot. Like twist some arms

    The real slowing down can come ONLY if Christine and Kucik get intimate. She leaned in for a kiss – but Kucik backed off. I don’t think that will stick.

    I’m also intrigued by the fact that Kucik’s Dad harbors such antagonistic behavior towards the son. If things were that bad – they might have sold the house and simply moved away.

    Thanks for your analysis. I did a write up of the show after the pilot and Ep II aired. And I started a piece on this very episode but it is stalled at the moment. I’ll be back to your blog after the next episode.


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