Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow: “Deliverance”

Maybe we shouldn’t have asked that Sleepy Hollow actually give Katia Winter something to do because what we’ve gotten makes me regret that particular request. After a whole season of tepid attempts at making Katrina relevant, it almost looked as if the show might have found a way with her being on this side of the modern world and a willing spy for Ichabod and Abbie. But now here we are with “Deliverance”, Katrina’s womb having been hijacked by her old man child, and with her now carrying a baby Moloch.

People have disowned their children for far lesser reasons than impregnating them with demon babies who will grow to destroy the world, but Katrina and Crane are trying to make up for their years of not raising their son with letting him run wild and bring about the apocalypse. Even when Katrinas’s writhing in pain and waiting for death she goes on and on about Henry being worth saving and she and Ichabod needing to keep trying to get through to him. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so stupid a development if there was any reason to actually believe Henry was “struggling” as Katrina thinks he is.

Henry’s been nothing but thrilled with what he’s been up to. He’s gleefully gone after both of his parents, confined Katrina to a home with Abraham, locked Ichabod in a pine box to rot and caused the deaths of plenty of innocents, among other things. When he and Ichabod meet again, with Ichabod hoping to convince Henry to reverse Katrina’s pregnancy, Henry makes sure his father knows just how much he does not care about either of his parents, their guilt or their love for him. He’s going to persist in working for Moloch, making his goal to see his boss on Earth.

The fact that this is even a storyline is horrifying and gross. Katrina’s forced to carry a demon baby by the son she can’t stop trying to convert all the while fielding questions from a jealous Ichabod about what she and Abraham even talk about. Katrina’s just here to literally birth the apocalypse and give Ichabod something to angst over, and per usual it goes badly. The episode begins with Ichabod and Katrina in bed together, presumably after having had sex, before morphing into a nightmare of the poisonous spider crawling its way out of Ichabod’s throat to drop into Katrina’s mouth, and there’s nothing wrong about that at all. And when they finally realize that Katrina’s pregnant, for however short a moment, everyone wants to know if Katrina cheated on Ichabod with a headless man.

Playing on Abraham’s obsession with Katrina to facilitate some kind of tension between Ichabod and Katrina is particularly cheap when there’s already plenty the show could use for that. Katrina’s a powerful (though that is debatable) witch devoted to stopping the apocalypse, a stance which has put her on the wrong side of Ichabod in their past. It’s a stance that even has her suggesting that Abbie kill her rather than let her give birth to Moloch and is the source of Katrina’s and Ichabod’s more recent issues. Katrina’s perhaps (albeit only slightly) more invested in the whole Witness vs. Hell thing than her husband who gets distracted by every shiny object that’s related to him.

The only person half as incredulous as I am about all this is Abbie (though I’m sure if Jenny had been there she would have been similarly confused). She reminds Ichabod not to let his misguided affection for his son affect their mission, but we all know what Ichabod’s history is with that. And like Katrina, Ichabod still has no real reason to suspect there’s anything worth saving in his son. A memory he sees of a young Henry fleeing through the woods apparently has him rethinking the whole thing, but what does this prove really? That Henry had a hard life without his parents? Didn’t we know this already? Does this change the fact that he’s a happy member of the Destroy the World club? That he’s far more interested in impressing the man downstairs than either of his parents?

The way this is going I wouldn’t be surprised if Henry did do some kind of turnaround, since the show seems just as adamant in pushing this idea of Henry not being that bad (without giving any reason to believe he’s not that bad). But it would make more sense if Henry simply couldn’t be stopped because he’s made his decision to ally with the bad guys.

Stray Observations

  • Abbie voting is so cute. Abbie is so cute. Everything Abbie does is great, and this episode makes me 100% positive that the show would be a better one if it was really all about her. Or all about her and Jenny who was mysteriously absent this episode despite how helpful she would have been with all the shooting and the sneaking around warehouses.
  • Henry: “Quite a trick you pulled to get me here”. All Ichabod did was have Frank call Henry for him? Was that sarcasm or….?

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