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Sleepy Hollow: “Kali Yuga”

I don’t have time to make a list of all the things I didn’t ask for from Sleepy Hollow, but I have plenty of time to tell you what was at the top of this list: a Hawley-centric episode. Which is just what we get this week, when Jamie Murray guest stars as Carmilla Pines, Hawley’s evil mother figure who shows up in town looking to rob Fort Knox with Hawley’s help. Hawley’s not interested until Carmilla shows him what she’s become, an undead creature serving Kali, a Vetala.  I don’t care about Hawley’s tragic past or his hard life, with too many of his appearances  being alternately boring and annoying. It’s too late to start caring about him now, even as he’s conflicted about helping Carmilla and trying to keep Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod safe. The ideal purpose of an episode like this one would be to further unravel the workings of an intriguing character, but Hawley’s not it. “Kali Yuga” asks us to spend a lot of time caring about what Hawley’s doing and thinking and eventually, about his life, but despite all this it doesn’t utilize him all that much, and by the episode’s end he’s left town in search of the escaped Carmilla.

It actually feels a bit like Sleepy Hollow‘s somewhat getting back to where it once was, Hawley’s departure being a step in the right direction. Assuming it sticks. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him coming back, though I’d certainly dread it. Abbie and Ichabod are another hurdle the show has to jump. Their chemistry and partnership has been one of the show’s best elements, the one saving grace of every poor episode they’ve churned out this season, but even that’s worn its welcome. The two of them have been something of a mess since the season began, with Abbie stuck in purgatory so Ichabod could escape with Katrina, and everything following it being more and more damning for the partnership that made the first season so much fun. From Abraham being released on the world (still no mention on what he’s up to or where Katrina is with returning his soul), Orion gifting Abbie with the beacon and the two of them being out of sync in their hunt for Carmilla. Seeing them confront the distance between them was nice since it gave them reason to mend fences, but it feels as though the show just realized this was a large problem and hurried to correct it, just as it did with Hawley.

This course correction is appreciated since Sleepy Hollow was falling further and further on my list of television priorities, and that’s still the situation now. Katrina’s character getting a little more development and Hawley leaving are steps in the right direction, but the show has a lot to fix before the season is over. And with still no word on a season three and the ratings being so poor, there’s no guarantee it’ll matter even if it improves on everything.

Jenny even has a larger role in this episode, though whether it’s because it’s going to be a regular thing or because she was there to provide some kind of emotional attachment for the Hawley storyline remains to be seen. But Lyndie Greenwood’s been treated as less like a series regular and more like a rarely recurring guest star so having her onscreen and doing things is always a good way to go. I appreciate the show at least trying to develop her and Hawley (which is more than can be said of the momentary attempt at making Hawley and Abbie happen). They made more sense in the first place, and though I wouldn’t have minded Hawley disappearing without another mention, the time taken to relate Jenny’s feelings about him through her concern for him and Carmilla and her reluctance to see him go, were good beats to hit

And Irving’s finding his way back to the show after spending the whole season on the backburner. He’s keeping his distance from Abbie and Ichabod, I suppose because Abbie’s not sold on whether or not he really is okay and with a soul but that doesn’t make a lot of sense considering what we find out later (that Irving isn’t okay and may not have a soul after all).  It distances him from the rest of the episode, which doesn’t track with last week. Jenny and Abbie suggest that Katrina do some magic to figure out if Irving still owns his soul, but neither of them is around to see that come to fruition. And none of them are even there to see Irving’s charges be dropped. The person who is there is Cynthia (Jill Marie Jones), and though it’s nice to see Irving’s family returning to the picture, I hope we’re not just going to keep Irving isolated from Team Witness even more.

But it seems Irving’s going to be more of a problem than they anticipated. Problem is perhaps the wrong word since we don’t know what Irving is or what his intentions are, just that he doesn’t have a reflection. That doesn’t bode well for anything, but what does that mean? And how long has he known? He’s been back for a while so certainly he’s noticed that his reflection has been missing? There was definitely a mirror in the police interrogation room. Or is the loss of his reflection a more recent development, perhaps courtesy of Katrina who looked weirdly creepy during that scene? She thinks he may know where Henry is holed up so perhaps she’s got things up her sleeve to find him?

Stray Observations

  • I’m so glad Sleepy Hollow found some way to integrate Nicole Beharie’s excellent singing voice into an episode.
  • I’ve really enjoyed this break from Henry, as much as I love John Noble, and Katrina asking about him this episode makes me dread his return.

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