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The 100: “Survival of the Fittest”

I’ve spoken before about how The 100 has a whole world at its disposal. It could do whatever it wants, whenever it wants and just blame it on a post-nuclear war Earth. They already pulled out Mt. Weather, with its cages and harvesting people. There’s acid fog, radiation poisoned horses and deer, and now poorly rendered CGI gorillas. And somewhere out there is the City of Light, which could be made up of anything or not exist at all, but the point is The 100 has a long list of directions it can go in. Even more than that, it has even more characters it should be developing, but this season’s been very Clarke-heavy, even for a fan of Clarke like myself who has the same kind of interest in Raven, Octavia, Bellamy.

When everyone was in their separate places, trying to find their way back together we saw more of them than we do now. Since the group reunited, others have fallen to the wayside, but “Survival of the Fittest” sees some of them coming back to the forefront (except for Raven, absent for no good reason this week). While the Grounders and Sky People are trying to make their alliance actually work, Bellamy and Lincoln are headed into Mt. Weather and Clarke and Lexa are evading that CGI gorilla I mentioned.

“Survival of the Fittest” is all about weird partnerships, notably those between Grounder and Sky Person (though we get another unlikely one in Jaha and Murphy, more on that later).  Though Clarke’s made something of a habit of getting into tough spots with a Grounder woman as her only ally, Lincoln and Bellamy haven’t spent this much time together since Bellamy was torturing him that one time. And back at Camp Jaha everyone’s on edge about welcoming the Grounders in and training with them.

Jaha for one is certainly skeptical about the whole thing, doubting the Grounders will let them live after the Mt. Weather business is concluded (assuming they even survive), and that’s a fine opinion to have considering the tension between the two groups. There’s too much bad blood there to make this a permanent arrangement, even if they manage to pull it together for the sake of storming Mt. Weather. Even when they train together, they do so separately, the Grounders unwilling to make it a group thing.  A fight breaks out at Camp Jaha, and Clarke is chased through the woods by a vengeful Grounder before Lexa intervenes.  It’s highly unlikely these people are going to be able to maintain this alliance with so many of them willing to come to blows  and kill because of all that’s happened between them. So Jaha gets a group together, including Murphy (both people who’ve decided there’s nothing for them at the camp) and heads for the City of Light, which he hopes will be a more permanent home for them.

Camp Jaha itself isn’t doing so hot with the Grounders there. Them all together is just as jarring for me as it is for them, though I certainly love Indra, especially since she’s so intent on holding onto all her hatred for the Sky People. Though Kane (and weirdly not Abby, the current Chancellor) is doing his best, he realizes he’s not prepared, knowing so little about Grounders.

Finally, finally someone realizes that if there’s anyone there who knows about the Grounders, and is most able to make this alliance happen, it’s Octavia. She knows more about them than anyone else, and has an even better relationship with them than even Lincoln does. This season’s been neglectful of everyone who isn’t Clarke so seeing Octavia get her ass handed to her is both painful and encouraging. It’s a brutal beating, but Octavia never stops fighting which speaks loudly to her character both to the audience and to Indra and the other Grounders. They feed the whole camp with what comes of their hunt, and Indra offers to make Octavia her second. The nature of these unlikely partnerships and the already strained relations between the two groups means that the lines are getting blurrier and blurrier. Kane wants Octavia to act as his spy

Meanwhile Bellamy and Lincoln’s partnership doesn’t seem to be as much of a success. It is in the way that Bob Morley and Ricky Whittle get to actually do things, but the end result doesn’t pan out the way either of them initially intended.  Whittle’s a season regular now but we’ve seen so little of him actually doing things that it’s hard to believe that’s true, but his storyline of coping with his addiction to the Cerberus serum continues this hour, as he’s unable to resist another injection(which he seems to know when he’s telling Bellamy he can’t do it after all), ruining his and Bellamy’s plans for infiltration in the process  with Bellamy getting dragged away to be harvested.

That may not end up being as damning as it seems, not based on the conclusion Lexa and Clarke reach about just needing Bellamy to release the Grounders already trapped in Mt. Weather. And now he’ll be in close enough quarters to perhaps do just that. It takes them some time to get there,  dealing with the added complication of  a new monster roaming the forest. The monster turns out to be a poorly rendered CGI gorilla (which was a huge disappointment let me tell you), which takes out two Grounders and kills Byrne. But it’s an awkward transition from the last episode, which had Clarke seemingly adopting Lexa’s I don’t curr stance, but now Lexa backtracks on whether on thinking Clarke’s weak at all so what does that mean?

Stray Observations

  • So what do we think this City of Light may be? I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a modern city tucked away somewhere. Or maybe it’s just teeming with more gorillas.
  • The Grounders believe in reincarnation, that when their Commander dies, her spirit will chose the next one. That piece of information doesn’t seem to bode well for Lexa, and I wouldn’t put it past this show to have Lexa’s spirit find its way to Clarke in the most insulting way imaginable.

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