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Bloodline: “Part Seven”

Now we’re getting somewhere.

I can’t describe the irrational thrill I felt when Danny approached Chelsea to offer her an apology for being a mega jerk in the last episode, intercut with shots of Kevin returning to his boat and telling her how people come to realize where they belong. Then there’s Kevin getting the crap kicked out of him by a masked person, his money stolen while Danny and Chelsea patch things up. Bloodline‘s been building up to this very thing, implying that it will one day reach the heights of exploding boats and homicide that the pilot promised but the struggles amidst the Rayburns have been more emotional than physical. And the lingering tension building between Danny and his siblings has been largely built on annoyances over time rather than the more immediate and pressing demands of his presence in the Keys now.

The question of whether or Danny itnended this to happen closes the episode. Eric is Kevin’s assailant, but whethr or not he worked alone is unknown. Danny has enough influence over Eric (who considers himself to be Danny’s only true friend) to convince him to do it, but maybe Eric was still feeling some kind of way about Chelsea and Kevin sleeping together. And beyond that, why does Danny do it? Because Kevin lied about what Robert did? Because Kevin slept with Chelsea? Both?

It’s strange how certain John is that everything’s fine now that he’s apologized to Danny. Maybe it’s because John doesn’t actually know Danny or even fully grasp how damaging that moment was for Danny, and how it went on to inform his whole life. It’s almost tragic how certain the rest of the Rayburns are thinking things are finally going to be better with Danny. Sally gives him a raise at the inn, and  Kevin wants him in the will and apologizes about his hookup with Chelsea.

Granted Danny’s not doing a whole lot to make them think any different. He’s in full on manipulation mode now, being forgiving with Kevin and kind and charming to John’s family. It’s his scenes with John’s family that are some of the best, and give us more of those rare glimpses into a well adjusted Rayburn clan that just doesn’t exist. He tells a story about John’s date with Diana and how he stole a nice shirt for John so he didn’t have to. It’s all very sweet, bitterly so, especially now that Danny’s going to slowly condemn his remaining family. But these moments prove what kind of family the Rayburns could have been if not for Sarah’s death and Robert’s attack.

And finally we see how the Rayburns connect to the dead girls and the exploded boat. The business venture Eric roped Danny into connects to this in some way, as Danny gets disappointing news that it’s off limits for a while after John and Marco come around asking questions. This doesn’t exactly help matters since I wasn’t interested in what Eric and Danny were doing on the side to begin with, but this at least makes the investigation feel less superfluous and like a time waster.

Stray Observations

  • I don’t like anyone on this show. Not anyone. Maybe Meg when she gets to do thing that aren’t boring, but she’s pretty boring this episode. But Marco was particularly annoying this episode, yes?
  • Can Diana and Belle actually like…do stuff? Diana’s essentially a sounding board for John, but she doesn’t get to do anything else unless it’s something to support John. And Belle’s just there for Kevin to angst over. Perhaps Bloodline has a woman problem, like all the shows seem to have these days which could also explain the show’s indifference to actually utilizing Meg.
  • Has the show just given up on John’s voiceovers and any glimpses of the future entirely? It’s not bad necessarily but considering how humdrum the rest of the show can be, those future flashes were all that kept me watching.
  • We get our first glimpse of a pretty vindictive John when he tells Marco to call the guy’s probation officer and say he’s been smoking dope.

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