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The Week in Review: October 19-23

Welcome to the Week in Review. I’m still figuring out this whole Not Just Blogging About TV Thing so bear with me. I have no idea what these posts will look like in a week or two, and I’m feeling myself out. But obviously, things have changed round these here parts. You can read about the whats and the whys here and below find a round up on what was written and posted this week as well as what happened in my world when I wasn’t typing things to you all or not doing any of my school work whatsoever.

  • I finally finished the Grisha trilogy, and I’ve got to tell you: I was disappointed. Not by the series as a whole, which definitely improved after Shadow and Bone, but with its ending. There won’t be a formal review coming anytime soon, but wrapping up the story by making everyone a Sun Summoner (except for Alina) and killing, then resurrecting, Mal? Not the business. I was way more satisfied with Leigh Bardugo’s new release Six of Crows and my fingers are crossed that whatever conclusion she has planned for it is far superior to her last trio of Grisha novels.
  • A Gilmore Girls revival will be airing on Netflix, and I’m more than ready for that. It will definitely be added to the review roster, whenever it gets around to airing. I used to think me and my mom were a blacker, less close but also funnier version of Lorelei and Rory, and my grandparents were way a less meddlesome (and way less wealthy) Emily and Richard. It took some time, and Amy Sherman-Palladino leaving the show (and it subsequently going to hell) for me to realize that wasn’t entirely accurate.
  • Adele found her way from under the rock she’s been hiding under to release a new single “Hello“, which I’ve already lipsynced to like, 50 times since I heard it on Thursday night. Her album “25” (I’ll be 25 in 3 years!) is out on November 20, which is also the day that Jessica Jones arrives on Netflix. I’m glad to be able to have something new to dramatically sing to (in my head) while walking on campus.
  • Speaking of Jessica Jones, which stars Krysten Ritter WHO USED TO BE ON GILMORE GIRLS (look at all these connections being made), a trailer was finally released. We got all those damn snippets, but the trailer actually has people acting and talking and there’s even a hint of a plot with Kilgrave back from wherever he went to torment Jessica Jones. No idea if I’ll be reviewing it episode by episode (which is a harrowing and time-consuming process) or in a single post, but either way be back here for that.
  • And in Chelsea Has A Life news, my mom won’t stop calling me to ask what I’m doing about employment after graduation. I don’t yet have the heart to tell her I’ll probably be working at Kohl’s. I did, however, gather the rest of the materials for yet another Halloween as Catwoman, and I’m coasting along on that high for the timebeing.
  • This week I threw back to Scandal‘s season one episode “The Trail” and happier Olivia/Fitz days and was plenty pleased by Sleepy Hollow and Jane the Virgin. You can read my review of How to Get Away With Murder‘s latest episode here. My very first post as More Than TV Reviewing Blogger was about Jennifer Lawrence’s wage gap essay, which was irritating to say the least.

I’m wondering how personal I’m allowed to get in this blog. Nevermind that this is my blog, but I’ve always had a thing about fitting things into categories, and I always worry about stepping outside of them. I worry that a mix and match isn’t going to work. If I start posting photos of the various pieces of my Halloween costume, is that going to clash with episodic reviews of shows that very few people watch except for me and novels that I’m reading? If I start talking about my day at work (which usually sucks), is that going to be out of place next to an analysis of whitewashing in television? And more importantly, does it even matter? When I renamed the blog The Chelsea Review, I figured it was a fitting title because I have a lot of opinions and lots of things to say, a lot of them about myself yes (I”m secretly–not that secretly–very self absorbed), and should the mood strike I can’t promise some of those musings won’t end up here.


2 thoughts on “The Week in Review: October 19-23

  1. Personally I enjoy reading blogs with a mix of subject matter. Makes it interesting and one never knows what will show up. Personal observations and activities are good too; they help get to know, and in some cases identify with, the blogger.


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