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On Being A Legit Writer

I have not, contrary to what this blog’s currently looking like, abandoned it. I’m just working on writing and doing things that are not just on this blog. For those of you still checking up on this space, I’m trying to be a legit writer. So that means not just blogging for myself and a couple people here and there but actually submitting my writing other places in the hopes that some editor recognizes my potential and publishes me. As always I prefer the hard route to an easy one, and a writing career is just as difficult as everyone says it is.

But progress is being made! It doesn’t always feel like it (I’m trying to get better about reminding myself) but things have been happening that make me more confident and more excited about going forward.

While I was not updating this blog with anything more than Jane the Virgin reviews, I was applying for a contributor spot with Book Riot. Two weeks, and two labored over writing samples later, I received an acceptance email from Book Riot’s managing editor. As of today both posts (“Required Reading for Olivia Pope” and “On Sex, YA, and Hiding Gossip Girl From My Mom“) have gone live. And this morning I received another email from the managing editor making me official.

I also applied for and was accepted as an Editorial Fellow for The Tempest, a tiny but no less awesome publication focusing on traditional marginalized voices. That starts at the end of the month and will certainly be rigorous. At the moment I’m getting prepared and oriented, filling out paperwork and such, but you can read the first piece published there (which is not part of my fellowship) on bell hooks and her faulty Lemonade opinions.

And finally (this will be a very busy summer for me) I was accepted to the Writing in the Margins Mentorship Program last winter and I’m finally getting to participate. Yesterday I submitted the young adult manuscript I’ll be working on with a mentor. My penchant for procrastination made that a bit of a challenge (as did the loss of the super awesome query letter I wrote when I first filled out the application, which I ultimately failed to replicate to my satisfaction this time around). Fiction writing isn’t something a lot of people know I’m into, but it was my first love–long before I ever considered nonfiction or critical writing and I’m looking forward to having further incentive to immerse myself in a world of my own making.

It’s such an odd feeling to see things going right after being disappointed with my dismal post-grad prospects. I’m trying to ride this jolt of confidence to submitting more work to more places and getting my name out there more consistently and more recognizably. And even, occasionally, getting paid for it (though admittedly, not very much and often not at all).

Notably, I am still jobless. Or at least I am still entry-level-job-in-my-preferred-field less, but I’m working on that, too. New York may be an eventuality at some point, but the more I think about the more certain I become that there’s no way I’m going to be able to make that move in a relatively short period of time. A move that big is one I know I don’t have the mental or emotional constitution to handle, especially if I’m deciding and going on such short notice. And it takes time to land a job that would accommodate me financially in a brand new city. Also, I’m not too crazy about the shoebox living I’d be doing there.

So I’m moving back to St. Louis, a less drastic move I’m hoping will make me happier by at least freeing me from the soul-crushing albatross that is my job. That at least has shown no improvement or even implied that such a thing is possible. In fact, it’s gotten worse!

But we’re not going to dwell on that (or on the increasing likelihood that I’ll quit on the spot in the next couple weeks). Instead we will dwell on my fledgling writing career. If you’d like to follow along on published pieces, you can visit my shiny and new Writing page which will be regularly updated as I get more work published.


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