Liveblogging My Life

Update: I’m Aliiiiiiive! 

Despite the status of this blog, I am still kicking. The past month has been really busy as I do my fellowship and prepare for a move. My time opened up significantly when I quit my job. I’ve been jobless for almost three weeks now, and though my bank account is taking a hit (I got my last check this week), I’m feeling much better emotionally. I’ll never doubt the soul-saving power of quitting a bad job. I’d been considering it for a while, and it was an inevitability considering I wouldn’t be in town after July anyway. My attention has turned to landing work (my goal is by September) that will allow me to live alone and replace my crap laptop. And begin making regular payments on my student loans. For now, I’m fortunate to be a relatively inexpensive person (that’s code for cheap), and I’m focusing on my unpaid summertime work.

The fellowship with The Tempest is ongoing, and my first month just flew by. I spent my first three weeks writing for News & Society, with a really awesome editor. That section meant I got to immediately jump into some controversy, like this unpopular opinion on Bernie Sanders and my love of the Obamas and my views on Hillary’s nomination. This quickly turned me off comments sections even more than I was before (reading comprehension is very uncommon I’ve discovered). Less controversially, you can read my latest at Book Riot, about my time interning at a literary journal. It’s the most-read thing I’ve ever written and is doing well regarding hits and things. So as far as first “official” BR posts go, I’m very pleased with myself.

I also was connected with my mentor for the summer. Chelsea Pitcher (yes her name is also Chelsea) is the author reading through the draft of my YA novel. Right now she’s going through the manuscript and when she’s done, she’ll give me a critique and we’ll go from there.

I’m working on keeping my Writing page updated with selected work. Since I’m writing for The Tempest five days a week that makes it difficult to work on submitting other places, but I have plans! I can’t promise that this space will have much in new material while I’m trying to get my words elsewhere, but you may see more updates like these.



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