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Thoughts Had During A Presentation on Diversity and Privilege in the Workplace

“But how are women marginalized?” That’s the question asked by the young woman sitting near me. We have been given printouts with wheels, each end marked “Privileged” and “Marginalized/Minoritized”. The woman gestures to her wheel, face screwed up in confusion. Only one person separates me from her. I swung my head in her direction when our … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Sucks

“Nobody interesting enjoys Thanksgiving. Especially not in my family.” So says Ijeoma Oluo in the wild Thanksgiving tale of an aunt making out with her boyfriend that you really must read. Too wild aunts and crybaby boyfriends aside, Thanksgiving sucks. Oluo’s is just an extreme example of how much sucking can happen when you’re stuck around a table with … Continue reading