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Jane the Virgin / Screen

Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Thirty-Six”

I’m so glad Petra finally gave birth. Despite the shorter episode count between us learning of her pregnancy this season and Jane’s in the last, it seems like Petra’s been pregnant forever. I’ll miss her pregnancy wardrobe and her hilarious reactions to her pregnancy, but hey, at least we’ve got two new babies!  Though “Chapter Thirty-Six” is … Continue reading

Feminism / Social Justice

On Madeline Albright, Gloria Steinem and Betraying The Female Gender

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” says Madeline Albright, first female Secretary of State, as she introduces Hilary Clinton during a New Hampshire rally. That’s nothing that hasn’t been heard before. That “special place”, and its simplistic promise of a reckoning, has been referenced in many a dig … Continue reading

Jane the Virgin / Screen

Jane the Virgin: “Chapter Thirty-One”

We’ve never experienced a Rafael-lite episode of Jane the Virgin. Especially in recent memory, Rafael has held a large presence in the proceedings and has been unfortunately saddled with his and Jane’s ongong and unsatisfying romantic…thing. “Chapter Thirty-One” has the sense to dial back on Jane’s love life, even as it continues to churn along in … Continue reading