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5 ways to give your crappy job the finger without quitting (yet)The Tempest / June 2016 (L)

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The 100 3×16 “Perverse Instantiation, Part Two” Black Girl Nerds / May 2016 (R)

On Sex, YA, and Hiding Gossip Girl From My Mom Book Riot / May 2016 (F)

The 100 3×15 “Perverse Instantiation, Part One”Black Girl Nerds / May 2016 (R)

Beyonce’s feminism isn’t good enough for bell hooks, and neither is mineThe Tempest / May 2016 (F)

Required Reading For Olivia Pope / Book Riot / May 2016 (L)

The 100 3×14 “Red Sky At Morning” / Black Girl Nerds / May 2016 (R)

The 100 3×13 “Join or Die” / Black Girl Nerds / May 2016 (R)

The 100 3×12 “Demons”Black Girl Nerds / May 2016 (R)

The 100 3×11 “Nevermore” / Black Girl Nerds / April 2016 (R)

The 100 3×10 “Fallen”Black Girl Nerds / April 2016 (R)

How (Not) to Kill Off A Character: 4 Characters Who Deserved Better and 1 Who Had It Coming Screenspy / April 2016 (L)

The 100 3×09 “Stealing Fire”Black Girl Nerds / April 2016 (R)

How Does The Catch‘s Alice Vaughn Stack Up Against Shondaland’s Other Heroines? Screenspy / April 2016 (F)

HTGAWM: Annalise returns home and the Hapstall case is finally solved in “Anna Mae”Screenspy / March 2016 (R)

The 100 3×08 “Terms and Conditions”Black Girls Nerds/ March 2016 (R)

HTGAWM: Viola Davis shines, the Keating Five drown their sorrows in “There’s My Baby”Screenspy / March 2016

The 100 3×07 “Thirteen”Black Girl Nerds / March 2016 (R)

HTGAWM: “Something Bad Happened” answers a question then asks anotherScreenspy / March 2016

The 100 3×06 “Bitter Harvest”Black Girl Nerds / March 2016 (R)

Try, Try Again: Agent Carter Tries and Fails at Integrating Race into Its Second Season Screenspy / March 2016 (F)

HTGAWM has a poor threat, questionable character and a dark twist in “It’s A Trap”Screenspy /  February 2016 (R)

The 100 3×05 “Hakeldama”Black Girl Nerds /  February 2016 (R)

Everyone hates each other in How To Get Away‘s “She Hates Us”Screenspy / February 2016 (R)

The 100 3×04 “Watch the Thrones” / Black Girl Nerds / February 2016 (R)

HTGAWM makes room for a baby in “What Happened to You, Annalise?”Screenspy / February 2016 (R)

The 100  3×03 “Ye Who Enter Here”Black Girl Nerds / February 2016 (R)


HTGAWM reveals Annalise’s shooter in “What Did We Do?”Screenspy / November 2015 (R)

HTGAWM precedes it finale with the boring “Hi, I’m Phillip”Screenspy / November 2015 (R)

How To Get Away…Review: Eve returns to make googly eyes at Annalise in “I Want You to Die”Screenspy / November 2015 (R)

HTGAWM: Annalise represents her most innocent client yet in “Two Birds, One Millstone” Screenspy / October 2015 (R)

HTGAWM: Wes bores, Asher decides and we finally “Meet Bonnie”Screenspy / October 2015  (R)

HTGAWM: Annalise’s winning streak comes to an end in “Skanks Get Shanked”Screenspy / October 2015 (R)

HTGAWM goes for sex positivity in “It’s Called the Octopus” Screenspy / October 2015 (R)

HTGAWM pulls out the emotional stops for Annalise in “She’s Dying” Screenspy / October 2015  (R)

HTGAWM returns to prove why Viola Davis won that EmmyScreenspy / September 2015 (R)

HTGAWM reveals Lila’s killer in 2 hour finale Screenspy / February 2015 (R)

Cicely Tyson joins HTGAWM for the near perfect “Mama’s Here Now”Screenspy / February 2015 (R)

Annalise protects the murder quad in HTGAWM‘s “She’s A Murderer” Screenspy / February 2015 (R)

HTGAWM tries out life after murder with “Best Christmas Ever”Screenspy / February 2015 (R)

How to Get Away With Murder returns to form with “Hello, Raskolnikov”Screenspy / January 2015 (R)


Everyone is guilty in HTGAWM‘s “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”Screenspy / November 2014 (R)

HTGAWM catches up to the murder in “He Has A Wife” Screenspy / November 2014 (R)

HTGAWM turns its lens on Rebecca in “He Deserved to Die”Screenspy / November 2014 (R)

Asher learns some hard truths in HTGAWM‘s “Freakin Whack-A-Mole”Screenspy / October 2014 (R)

Laurel proves herself in HTGAWM‘s “We’re Not Friends”Screenspy / October 2014 (R)

Shooting stars and strangers in HTGAWM‘s “Let’s Get to Scooping”Screenspy / October 2014 (R)

HTGAWM is all about appearances in “Smile or Go to Jail” Screenspy / October 2014 (R)

Wes is a puppy in How to Get Away With Murder‘s “It’s All Her Fault”Screenspy / October 2014 (R)

No one’s what they seem on How to Get Away With Murder Screenspy / September 2014 (R)

Ethan takes center stage in Extant‘s finaleScreenspy / September 2014 (R)

Extant pulls it together in its penultimate episode “Before the Blood”Screenspy / September 2014 (R)

Extant loses itself in its own conspiracy in “A New World”Screenspy / September 2014 (R)

Extant shows us what Molly’s been looking for in “Care and Feeding”/”A Pack of Cards”Screenspy / August 2014 (R)

Extant raises important questions in its two-hour event “More In Heaven and Earth”/”Incursion” Screenspy / August 2014 (R)

Extant explains those mysterious circles in “Nightmares” / Screenspy / August 2014 (R)

Extant embraces its conspiracies with “What On Earth Is Wrong?”Screenspy / August 2014 (R)

John and Molly are on whole other show in Extant‘s “Shelter” Screenspy / July 2014 (R)

Extant escalates quickly as Molly goes on the run in Wish You Were Here” / Screenspy / July 2014 (R)

Extant poses more questions and offers potential answers in “Extinct”Screenspy / July 2014 (R)

Extant kicks off its wacky premise with a family-centered “Re-Entry” / ScreenspyJuly 2014 (R)

Raising the Bar: 5 Freshman Series Writing Women WellScreenspy /  June 2014 (L)

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